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Walkthrough for Neverwinter Nights 2


Table of Contents: Code:
1. Introduction 0001
1a. Prologue 001a
2. Character Generation 0002
2a. Races 002a
2b. Alignment 002b
3. Character Examples 0003
4. Walkthrough 0004

Tutorial 0.1

Chapter 1:
The attack 1.1*
The swamp, the ruins and the farewell 1.2 *
Weeping Willow Inn 1.3 *
Swamp Cave 1.4*
Fort Locke 1.5 *
Graveyard 1.6*
Fort Locke II 1.7*
Bandit Camp 1.8*
Fort Locke III 1.9*
A new friend 1.10*
Highcliff 1.11*
Shandra's Farm 1.12*
Highcliff Castle Ruins 1.13*
Lizardfolk Cave 1.14*
Highcliff II 1.15*
Neverwinter 1.16*
The Skymirror 1.17*
Old Owl Well 1.18*
Bonegnasher Clan 1.19*
Eyegouger Clan 1.20*
Dwarven Scouts 1.21*
The Sea Ghost 1.22*
Githyanki Lair 1.23*
Blacklake, Shandra and the Githyanki 1.24*
Githyanki Base 1.25*

Chapter 2:
Introduction 2.1*
Exploring Blacklake 2.2*
Becoming a squire 2.3*
Port Llast 2.4*
Ember 2.5*
Duskwood 2.6*
The trial 2.7*
Aldanon's Manse 2.8*
The Tavorick Estate 2.9*
Crossroad Keep 2.10*
Stronghold part I 2.11*
The Ruins of Arvahn 2.12*
Riverguard Keep 2.13*
The Temple of Seasons 2.14*
Gem Mine 2.15*
The Song Portal 2.16*
Stronghold part II 2.17*
Amon Jerro's Haven - Exterior 2.18*
Amon Jerro's Haven - Interior 2.19*

Chapter 3:
Defending Neverwinter 3.1*
Neverneath 3.2*
Stronghold part III 3.3*
Merchant Quarter 3.4*
Alliance: Wendersnaven 3.5*
Alliance: Lizardmen 3.6*
Alliance: Circle of the Mere 3.7*
Alliance: Clan Ironfist 3.8*
Loose Ends and Luskan Plots 3.9*
Stronghold part IV 3.10*
The Shadow Reaver 3.11*
Reforging the Silver Sword 3.12*
War! 3.13*
Endgame 3.14*

5. Credits 0005

To find the start of any of parts just hit ctrl+f and type in the corresponding code.

1. Introduction 0001

Welcome to NWN 2, if this is your first time playing this game or this type of game then this walkthrough will be an asset to you.
Throughout this walkthrough I will cover what I think is the best way to play this game, although others may not agree with me, hopefully you will. This is my first walkthrough, even though I am a RPG veteran, but enough of my babbling on with the walkthrough.

1a. Prologue 001a

The hells had come to the village of West Harbor. Ash drifted on the breeze like a black snow, born from fires that licked the moonlight sky above. the sounds of battle, steel on steel, the screams and pleadings of the wounded and the dying, the roaring magic unleashed, rang out around the wizard, a deafening cacophony that tore at his mind, threatening the concentration he required to work his art. The shadow creatures had come in force and unexpectedly, but their tactics were not those of an occupying army, nor of bandit’s raider. The creatures were searching for something, and the wizard would be damned if he would let them have it.

There was a sudden lull in the fighting; the shadows broke away from the wizard, swirling to the edges of the town square like leaves on the autumn wind. They were waiting for something. The wizard steeled himself and invoked potent spells of protection. Shadows thrown by burning farmsteads danced madly across the green, slowly coming together and merging into a inky black pool. The pool of shadow rose up, resolving into a gaunt, humanoid figure taller then the houses of West Harbor. An air of icy malevolence, the charnel stink of an open grave on a winter morning, hung about the creature as it turned its burning eyes to the wizard.

There was no sound as the creature struck-no roar of challenge, no hiss of breath, not even the crunch of feet on grass. Blades of pure, black shadow melted from the giant's hands, formed out of nothingness of the plane of shadow. That blade arced towards the wizard's head in a strike swifter than snakebite, only to strike hard and rebound from a sword of glittering silver. The wizard's blade shone like moonlight and rippled as though it were made from liquid mercury. The shadows shrieked and recoiled from its light.

Even the shadowy giant seemed taken aback by the blade, and the wizard took advantage of the opportunity to launch a vicious counterattack. Violet sparks flashed where the blades connected, and the battle began in earnest, dancing silver clashing with shifting black. Arcane fire seared the night, only to be absorbed by the absolute emptiness of the shadow giant's form. Wizard and creature dueled across the breadth of the charred remains of the village, neither able to gain the advantage. As the tide of battle carried them towards the western edge of the green, a single sound rose out of the din of battle: a high, reedy noise, the unmistakable cry of an infant. For just a heartbeat's time, the wizard’s eyes broke away from his opponent, darting across the chaos of the battlefield to find the source of the cry.

There-a mother and her child crouched behind the half-smashed rubble of what had once been the headman's home. The mother's eyes, wide and bright with terrified grief, met the wizard's in a silent plea for help. It was only a moment, a brief instant of human contact, in the midst of a duel to the death. But it was too long.

The shadow giant's blade struck so swiftly it scarcely seemed to cross the intervening space. The wizard desperately brought the silver sword up in a parry, but his focus had been shaken. Bereft of the focusing power of the mage's will, the silver sword began to crack, jagged lines of light spider-webbing across it's surface. The wizard desperately poured his arcane power into the blade, but to no avail. The shadow giant's eyes glowed with triumph as the silver sword shattered into a dozen pieces, in the silence that followed, the child wailed.

2. Character Generation 0002

Well now character generation, most players that write walkthroughs will tell you all this crap when all you need to know is; you need a fighter type as your main character. Fighters are the best in my opinion because you can go in hack and slash while the rest of your team hangs back casting spells or firing off arrows, bolts or throwing stars etc. Fighter classes include: Fighter, Monk, Barbarian and Paladin. You only need to know about 2 possibly 3 races, the others i just hate to use due to the shit that you get with them, read the manual and find out what I’m talking about. The races that I usually use are Human, Elves or the Half-Elves. Wood elves are the best for the fighter type classes so I will be using them. The rest I will cover in the paragraphs below.

2a. Races 002a

Human: Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them very physically diverse as well. Skin shades range from nearly black to very pale, hair from black to blond and facial hair (for men) from sparse to thick. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like. There are no human sub-races.

-Favored class: any. Humans can pursue multiple classes easily
-Special abilities: quick to master (one extra feat), skilled (extra points)

Elf: Elves are known for their poetry, song, and magical arts, but when danger threatens they show great skill with weapons and strategy. Elves can live to be over 700 years old and, by human standards are slow to make friends and enemies, and even slower to forget them. Elves are slim and stand 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet tall. They have no facial or body hair, prefer comfortable clothes and possess uneatherly grace. Many other races find them hauntingly beautiful.

-Special Abilities (all sub-races): immunity to sleep, hardiness vs. enchantments, bonus proficiencies (longsword, rapier, shortbow, longbow), skill affinity (listen, search, spot), keen senses and low light vision

Wood Elf: Wood elves are reclusive, but less so then almost feral wild elves. They are much stronger than most other types of elves and make excellent warriors, but worse wizards. They are most comfortable in wilderness areas.

-Ability adjustments: +2 strength, +2 dexterity, -2 constitution, -2 intelligence
-Favored class: ranger

Half-Elf: Half elves have the curiosity and ambition of their human parent, and the refined senses and love of nature of their elven parent, although they are outsiders among both cultures. To humans, half-elves look like elves, to elves they look like humans. Half elves are paler, fairer and smoother-skinned than their human parents, but their actual skin tones and other details vary just as human features do. Half-elves tend to have green, elven eyes. They live to about 180.

-Favored class: any. Half-elves can pursue multiple classes easily.
-Special abilities: immunity to sleep, hardiness vs. enchantments, lesser skill affinity (search, listen, spot, diplomacy and bluff), low-light vision

2b. Alignment 002b

Your alignment means if you’re good, bad or neutral. Alignment is important in this game because it affects your companions, the story and other factors that will be explained in the walkthrough. I will be going evil for this walkthrough.

2c. Classes 002c

Fighter: The Fighter has the best all-around combat capabilities. Fighters are familiar with all standard weapons and armors. As fighters gain experience, they get more opportunities to develop their combat skills.
-Key abilities: strength, dexterity, intelligence
-Hit points per level: 10
-Base attack bonus: high
-High saves: Fortitude
-Weapons: all simple and martial weapons
-Armor: all armor, shields and tower shields
-Base skill Points: 2

Fighter Special Abilities
-Fighter bonus feats: you gain a bonus feat at every first level and at every even level (2, 4, 6, etc). These bonus feats are chosen from a subset of the entire feat list.

Monk: The key feature of the monk id their key ability to fight without armor or weapons. Thanks to their rigorous training, they can strike as hard if they were armed and strike faster than a warrior with a sword, although a monk casts no spells, they can channel a special power called ki, which allows them to perform amazing feats.
-Alignment: any lawful
-Key abilities: strength, wisdom, dexterity
-Hit points per level: 8
-Base attack bonus: medium
-High saves: all
-Weapons: club, dagger, handaxe, light crossbow, heavy crossbow, kama, quarterstaff, shuriken and sling
-Armor: none
-Base skill points: 4

Monk Special Abilities
-Monk unarmed combat: monk unarmed attacks inflict more damage than average.
-Bonus feats: you receive the feats cleave, improved unarmed strike and stunning fist at 1st level, deflect arrows at 2nd level and knockdown and improved knockdown at 6th level.
-Monk armor class bonus: you add both your wisdom modifier and your dexterity modifier to your AC and you gain +1 AC every 5 levels, only in use when wearing no armor.
-Flurry of blows: you receive an extra attack per round when fighting unarmed or with a kama. When using this ability each attack is slightly less likely to hit, must be wearing no armor to use this ability.
-Evasion (2nd level)
-Monk speed (3rd level): your movement speed is increased; you must be unarmored to gain this advantage.
-Still mind (3rd level): you gain +2 bonus on saving throws vs. mind affecting spells.
-Ki strike (4th level): some attacks can sometimes damage creatures with damage resistance.
-Purity of body (5th level): you are immune to disease
-Wholeness of body (7th level): you can heal some of your wounds. (1/day)
-Improved evasion (9th level).
-Diamond body (11th level): you are immune to poison.
-Diamond soul (12th level): you gain spell resistance.
-Quivering palm (15th level): you can attempt to instantly slay an opponent with an unarmed strike (1/day).
-Empty body (18th level): you gain 50% concealment, causing many enemy attacks to miss.
-Perfect self (20th level): you gain great damage reduction and are immune to mind-affecting abilities.

Barbarian: The barbarian is an excellent warrior. A barbarian can enter a berserk rage in which they become stronger and tougher, better able to defeat their foes and withstand their attacks. These rages leave them winded, and they only have the energy for a few spectacular displays per day, but those are usually sufficient. Barbarians are at home in the wild, and they run at great speeds.

-Alignment: any non-lawful
-Key abilities: strength, constitution
-Hit points per level: 12
-Base attack bonus: high
-High saves: fortitude
-Weapons: all simple and martial weapons
-Armor: light, medium, shields (not tower shields)
-Base skill points: 4

Barbarian Special Abilities
-Rage: you can catapult yourself into a murderous fury, gaining +4 strength and constitution, and -2(penalty) AC. Duration is based on your constitution. After raging, you are fatigued for a short time.
-Barbarian fast movement: your movement speed increases 10%
-Uncanny dodge (2nd level)
-Trap sense (3rd level): you gain a bonus to reflex saves to avoid traps
-Damage reduction (7th level): you can shrug off some amount of injury from each blow or attack (DR 1/-)

Paladin: Divine power protects the paladin and gives them their special powers. It wards off harm, protects them against disease, lets them heal themselves and guards their heart against fear. A paladin can also direct their power to destroy evil or heal others, healing their wounds or curing diseases. Even a novice paladin can detect evil, and more experienced paladins can smite evil foes and turn away undead.

-Alignment: lawful good
-Key abilities: strength, charisma, wisdom
-Hit points per level: 10
-Base attack bonus: high
-High saves: fortitude
-Weapons: all simple and martial weapons
-Armor: all armor, shields (not tower shields)
-Base skill points: 2
-Spellcasting (4th level): paladin spells, divine (wisdom based, armor does not inhibit spellcasting)

Paladin Special Abilities
-Smite evil: you can unleash a holy attack that devastates evil enemies (1/day)
-Divine grace (2nd level): saving throws are improved by your charisma bonus, if any
-Lay on hands (2nd level)
-Divine health (2nd level): you gain immunity to disease
-Aura of courage (3rd level): immune to fear, nearby allies gain +4 to saves against fear
-Turn undead (4th level): (3+charisma modifier/day)
-Remove disease (6th level): the paladin can cure their allies of disease (1/day)

3. Character Examples 0003
Character 1 Human Male Barbarian Chaotic Good No Deity Wild Child Str 16
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 12 Str +3
Dex +2
Con +1
Int +2
Wis +0
Cha +1 Craft armor +4
Craft weapon +4
Intimidate +4
Listen +4
Parry +4
Character 2 Elf
Wood Elf Female Monk Lawful Evil Tempus Devout Str 16
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 10 Str +3
Dex +2
Con +1
Int +0
Wis +3
Cha +0 Diplomacy +4
Lore +4
Tumble +4
Parry +4
Character 3 Half-Elf Male Paladin Neutral Talona Militia Str 16
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 10 Str +3
Dex +2
Con +2
Int +2
Wis +0
Cha +0 Intimidate +4
Lore +4
Parry +4
Craft weapon +4

4. Walkthrough 0004

Tutorial 0.1

I won't be covering anything because it is all explained for you in those boxes that pop-up on the right side of the screen. Although just a bit of advise just because your a warrior type class it doesn't mean you can win the brawl when your Lv 1 so do the other events first so that you will be at Lv 2 when you face the Mossfeld brothers.

Chapter I
The Attack 1.1

Alright this is where the actual game begins. You start off at Daeghun's house but before you can do anything Bevil rushes in and starts dialog with you, do what he told you to do, go and get your equipment from the chest and equip what you want, what you get from the chest will differ from class to class but after that go into Daeghun's room

And take what’s in the chest there and then go downstairs. Start to exit the house and 3 grey dwarfs will attack you, kill them, loot their corpses and go outside.

Brother Merring will speak to you and tell you to go and help Georg at the south bridge, so go and do it, after you kill the enemies there talk to Georg, now go and gather the militia. Since we are on the chaotic side of the alignment walk over to Ward Mossfeld and just slit his throat. Now go across the bridge and kill all the enemies here and then talk to the surviving harbormen and tell them to go and help Georg at the south fields, now walk over to Ian that is standing in the corner, tell him to either get back into the fight or you'll kill him, he'll then go and help Georg, so now that’s done go north a bit and try to open the door that is locked. Pierson will then speak to you, just bash the door then enter the house. Pierson will freak out and threaten to call the militia on you, just tell him to go help Georg or you'll kill him, he'll run off to help Georg, loot his house and then exit the house.

Head east a bit to see Tarmas and a Githyanki Mage battling, watch the scene and then battle the spiders then Tarmas will tell you that you need to get to the south fields, we'll get there but for now head over to Wyl Mossfeld and slit his throat after that head over to Tarmas's house, enter and loot it. Before you go outside rest and save. Now exit his house and head around the back of his house to help out the last Mossfeld brother and a couple of harbormen, now they will go and help out at the south village, head over to the south fields now and a scene starts.

After the scene kill everything that moves, well besides your allies, after the first wave a second wave will attack after them a third will attack, a few of them run into the Starling house, so go and help out. Kill the grey dwarfs in here and loot the house, after all that head back outside and kill the rest of the third wave, after them the final wave of enemies will attack but Daeghun will show up with a couple of harbormen to help out, so kill the rest of the enemies and loot their corpses and watch the scene after the battle. Just agree with Daeghun and then you'll be talking with Bevil, just say "let's go".

The swamp, the ruins and the farewell 1.2

This area is simple, just follow the path and kill everything that moves. when you get to the entrance, enter and a scene will start. Clear out all the rooms, loot them and when you get to the last door in the far end of the ruins, rest and save. Bust in there with an attitude, don't bother with talking with them just kill them, more experience that way. Grab what’s in the chest that is in the corner after you've gotten everything you want head back to the village. When you enter the village Daeghun will speak to you, just pick whatever it doesn't matter. After talking with Daeghun speak to everyone else, depending on what your background choice was at the start, it will decide what items you will get.

Bully: you won't get the +1 light shield from Georg
Devoted: you get the crimson ring from Brother Merring
Farmer: you get the archers braces from Orlen
That’s about it for this area, onwards towards Highcliff.

Weeping Willow Inn 1.3

Go over to where you see a dwarf and a few humans about to get into it, so just because we can go over there and help the dwarf out.

After the scene kill the bladelings and duergar, when you see a woman running down the stairs, speak to her and accept the quest to save her husband, to gain influence with Khelgar say that no reward is necessary, go upstairs. Kill everything, loot everything after you've done all that talk to Zachen ( Gera's husband) to get a reward try to get more gold out of him by either using Diplomacy or Intimidate. Then go and talk to Galen and get a reward from him, again try to more gold outta him, after you've done all that head back down stairs.

Talk to Gera again and try to get more the 25 gold reward she is offering. Then go over to Jorik, try to get a reward from him too, by using the obvious methods after you've done that buy what you need from him and then exit the building.
After you exit Khelgar will ask if he can travel with you, accept and then go the world map transition and head to the swamp cave, your first "optional" area.

Swamp Cave 1.4

Go forward and kill all of the lizardfolk warriors, then talk to Galen, then pick a fight with the mercs to gain a +1 influence with Khelgar. After the dialog continue down the path until you see the cave entrance, don't go in yet, instead follow the path that goes left and kill all the spiders. After the spiders are dead head on into the cave. Kill and loot everything here, there’s nothing much too it.

The only problem is when you reach the closed door rest and save, open the door and kill everything, just be a little bit careful fighting the chieftain, playing on the harder difficultly levels he can take you down with ease. After you've gotten everything haul ass back outside, close to the cave entrance there will be a few enemies that have respawned, so own em and head back to the world map transition and head for Fort Locke.

Fort Locke 1.5

Head west as soon as you enter and clear out the wolves, be cautious when facing the dire wolf, he's a little bit tougher then the regular wolves. Head back to where you entered the area and go north. You'll spot Galen being betrayed by his guards, instead of helping we're going to kill them all and take what's on their bodies, it's worth doing this because you can net yourself about 3,500 gold. Keep following the path until you see a tiefling being harassed by 4 soldiers from the fort, the tiefling is Neeshka and she is your second party member so help her out.

Let her join your party and grab her stuff from the chest, equip her with either a bow or a crossbow or just something she can throw, because having her in the thick of battle is not the wisest choice, but it's up to you. Continue on up to the fort, it's a little bit west, as soon as you enter the fort talk to Jacoby, sell what you don't need and buy whatever you need, try and get things that make a significant change to your stats because it will just be a waste of gold.

Continue on over to Liza, she’s near the tents with the other refugee's, agree to the quest she offers and agree with Neeshka to get a +1 influence check. Move onto Vallis, he's in front of the broken wall, agree to his quest. Now head over to Tor Millowls, he's in front of the church type building, accept the quest he offers you and head to the world map transition. That elf that you saw before will be watching from afar again, head to the graveyard.

Graveyard 1.6

On your way to the graveyard you'll encounter about 5 bandits that try to extort money from you, but we don’t take kindly to that do we? Kill those fools and loot everything and head onto the graveyard via the world map transition.
once in the graveyard kill and loot everything and then enter the door on the east side of the area.

Clear out every room and loot all the containers. When you reach the hall with 2 iron gates that you cannot open, rest and save and then enter the last door near one of the iron gates and kill the shadow priest and the 4 zombies, loot the chest and the corpses and flip the switch there and then talk to Commander Tann, agree to help him out and then head out of this room and head to the opened gate and locate one of the soldiers, 1/3 found now head back to the hall and go through the other gate and go into the door that’s on the left.

One dead soldier and a few zombies and skeletons, 2/3 found, now exit there and instead of going forward at the T junction, head left and clear out the area and enter the door on the other side of the room 3/3 soldiers found "cheers", just watch out for the traps. Now head back to the T junction and go right and exit this crypt.

Once outside head over to the western most door and enter it, clear out the rooms and loot the place, once you've done that head back topside and exit this area and go back to Fort Locke.

Fort Locke II 1.7

Once you enter Vallis and a couple of soldiers will approach you, seems like Vallis is trying to start a mutiny, so kill him, yes i know we're suppose to be "evil" but I hate this guy. After the fight head on back to the fort and talk to Marshall Cormick to get a reward and then talk to Commander Tann and re-agree to do the bandit quest, now head to the map transition and go to the bandit camp.

Bandit Camp 1.8

Walk on into the camp and slaughter all the hostiles, loot the place and then go and talk to the refugees to get them to follow you, now as you try to lead them to safety you'll be attack by some more bandits, try and get them all out alive if you can't don't worry just make sure 2 make it.

A scene will take place and when Neeshka complains that she didn't get thanked, say "you have my thanks" to get a +1 influence with her. Now head back into the bandit camp and kill the rest of the bandits, loot their corpses and head into the building.

You know the drill, so get to it. Once you get to the last room, rest and save before going in, once you've done that head on in and just kill the Bandit Leader, it's quicker and we need the XP, loot everything and make sure that you get the item "Tor's Holy Symbol", now get outside and back to the map transition, and head back to the fort.

Fort Locke III 1.9

Talk to Liza for a reward, as usual try and get more gold, now head to Tor Millows and give him his holy symbol to get your reward and finally head over to Commander Tann and get your reward for killing the Bandit Leader. Now continue onwards to Highcliff.

A New Friend 1.10

On your way you'll encounter a bladeling some grey dwarfs, but before you can kill them that elf that has been following you steps in to help out. This is Elanee, after the battle she will introduce herself, if you need to talk with her to gain some info or if you’re in a rush like i am just agree with her and let her travel with you.

After the dialog you'll be in the Maidens Glade, a bit of a scene will start and then you will be attacked by 4 wolves, so kill them and after the fight, agree with Elanee since for this walkthrough she won't be in your party for long.

Continue on forward and Elanee will say something about the dead wolves that are up ahead, so agree with her, continue on forward and when you reach the crossroad take the north-east path to find a giant bear, fight it and when you beat it Elanee will realize it's her friend Kaiel, some way to treat your friends huh, anyways back on with the walkthrough, agree with her and then head back to the crossroad and head south-east this time so we can get outta this place. Pick Highcliff from the list.

Highcliff 1.11

As soon as you enter this area a scene will start. Goddamn.....this shit is never easy "sighs" oh well i suppose it's a chance to get some XP. Head on up the stairs to the actual town and go north a bit to encounter a few drunk sailors in the need for an ass kicking, but we need influence with Elanee so try to avoid the fight but that aint going to happen this time, Khelgar makes sure of that, fight the hopelessly outmatched sailors, after the fight continue north until you see a guy in front of a house, talk to him and accept his quest.

Now go inside of the house and kill all of the intruders, loot the place and then exit the house and talk to the guy to get a reward. Now head west until you spot Gera and Zachan, talk to them to get a quest, to gain +1 influence with either Neeshka or Elanee just agree with them, now go east until you spot an old guy and a woman arguing, go over there and watch the woman storm off to the north, talk to the old guy (village elder) and accept his quest. Now go north and speak to the woman and accept her quest.

Now head to the west gate, speak to the guy there and accept his quest and then exit the area via the map transition and head to Shandra's Farm.

Shandra's Farm 1.12

When you enter the area head on forward, prepare for a very long chat. Just answer the questions as you see fit, after a while a few lizardfolk will arrive and start a fire in Shandra's barn, yippee a bonfire. After she puts the fire out, head onwards to the castle ruins.

Highcliff Castle Ruins 1.13

Head forward and when you reach the fork in the road head right and you'll spot William, the "lost" husband. Looks like he wants to stay lost so just agree with him and pocket a 100 gold while you’re at it. Return back to the fork and go left then head up the road and then go west and kill all the wolves and save those 2 lost boys, Alex and Andrew.

Talk to the kids and tell them to go back home. head back to the road and head up the slope and continue on until you find a lizard fighting a few zombies so go help him out, for now. Agree to help him find his comrades so go on into the castle ruins.
alright you know the drill so get to it, but when you reach the crossroads go right and you'll spot another shadow priest so kill him and get Mozahs backpay from one of the zombie corpses.

Keep on clearing out the rooms but if you find a locked door with 2 zombies bashing on it, kill the zombies and leave the door until you clear out the rest of the ruins. Now head back to the locked door and head on inside, here you'll find Slaan's missing comrades, they'll be a little pissed off but who cares, after a little chat you'll be auto-ported to the lizardfolk lair.

Lizardfolk Lair 1.14

okay lets get to work, since we're fighters our diplomacy skills aren’t that strong were going to take the easy way out of this cave....kill em, kill them all. Just be a little careful when fighting the chieftain, just heal when needed and you'll be fine. After the fight, loot the place and mop up any other lizardfolk warriors, they won't be much of a fight but XP is XP. Now exit the lair and kill your way back to Highcliff.

Highcliff II 1.15

Firstly finish up all the side-quests you started when you got here and then finally talk to the village elder to finish up the main quest, you'll be auto-ported to the dock, talk to the elder again to get another reward and then head on to Neverwinter. For the love of god why can't these things be easy?

Neverwinter 1.16

So, this is the city of Neverwinter, as Khelgar well say "not a bad city....considering it's built by humans." Firstly head over to the Sunken Flagon, now go over and talk to your uncle (he’s near the bar). After a bit of a talk a wizard named Sand will enter and join in on the conversation, after a while you'll be given a choice, either work with the city guard ( The Watch ), or join the thieves guild, whichever way you go consider this Inn your base of operations.

Before i go into the way i will be choosing i will cover some side-quests first.
Head over to the merchant quarter, on your way you'll be stopped by a guy named Bennon and some thugs ( this is the start of Neeshka's side-quest) when your able to say you'll protect her and you'll gain +1 influence with Neeshka, after that kill Bennon and his thugs and continue on to the Merchant quarter.
As soon as you enter the area you'll be approached by some more thugs, during the dialog side with Neeshka to gain influence and fight the thugs, after the fight Neeshka will come up with the bright idea of stealing from the guy who put the contract on her head in the first place, agree with her plan and you'll be given the quest to go and steal Leldon's lucky coin, yippee!

Head over to the Moonstone Mask, where Ophala is. When you get there speak to Ophala and she'll tell you where Leldon's hideout is, so what are you waiting for? Head over there now.

Once you get their don't worry about any of the traps, just kill everyone and make your way to Leldon's private quarters, once you get here Leldon will show up, again stick up for Neeshka to gain influence with her and then try to kill Leldon, after you get his health critical he will run away, what a pansy. Anyways it doesn't matter you'll get to kill him later, after the fight loot the place and then get out of here.

Now head over to the chapel, once inside speak to Judge Oleff and ask him what's the matter, he'll reply that a priest has gone missing in the tombs, alright another quest. After getting the quest head outside and head left and keep going that way until you spot the entrance to the tombs, head inside.

Main objective here is to find the priest so hop to it, follow the corridors to find the priest, pretty easy right? Not on your life, these things always get complicated, once you find the priest he'll tell you the reason why he hadn’t returned listen to him then agree to get rid of the restless spirit. Just head north to find the spirit, great its Fenthick (from the original Neverwinter Nights) kill the betrayer, if you played the original NWN game you will know what i'm talking about. After killing him head back to the priest and lead him out of the tombs, killing any zombies that get in your way.

Once out of the tombs he'll run off back to the chapel and that's what we'll do too. Talk to Oleff to get your reward.

Now back onto the main quest, i will only be covering the Thieves guild path due to the way I play so I you have a problem with it go and tell your god. Alright start off by talking with Caleb, he is in the docks; refer to your mini map if you can't find him.

During the dialog pick the more threatening dialog choices to gain chaotic and evil points. Agree to the quest and go over to Hagen's shop. Well now where's Hagen there’s only a woman here, oh well let's get our money from her then, after trying to intimidating her Hagen will pop out from a locked room and demand that you go away, but we can't do that so do what thugs do best, intimidate him and we'll get our money from him.

With the money in hand head back to Caleb, ask for your cut and after a little while a few hounds (city watch) will come to try and arrest you, keyword "try". Kill em all and then after the fight Caleb will go into hiding but before he does that he will direct you to Moire. Head over to her house, it is over the other side of the mini map so head over there now.

Enter her hideout and speak with her after a bit of debating you'll need to "turn" the 4 sergeants that stand around in this district. alrighty let's get to work the first sergeant we'll have a chat to is south-east of the hideout, head over there only to find that this sergeant has already been turned by moire's crew but they are getting their loyalty tested by some Luskan's, so tell the luskan's to sail on back home or die but you still have to persuade the sargent not to take their gold, which is easy to do, so do it and then kill the Luskan's. Now head south to find the next sargent, all he wants is a bit of extra gold to let Moire's crew to do what they want so promise them extra gold and head to the next sergeant which is south-west of this sergeant.

On the way to the third sergeant you should encounter Qara and a couple of wizards arguing outside of the Sunken Flagon, lets intervene before they blow up the street, kill the wizards and Qara, who is your next companion will have a bitch that you helped out in her fight, she will then proceed into the Sunken Flagon, so follow her inside and then watch the cutscene and then exit, kick Khelgar out of your squad and put in Qara in, everybody loves a sorceress that loves fire....right?

Upon exiting the tavern Praven ( Qara's opposition ) will start a conversation with you and then end it as quickly as he started it and then attack you, Qara should own him and the 6 other wizards with him with a simple fireball spell, now after that little detour continue on with the quest. Head to the third sergeant and speak with him just bribe him like you did with the last one and move on to the next one which is north-west of your current position, but before we go there head into the city guard headquarter for this district and speak with Marshall Cormick to get 300 gold, now exit here and go forward until you spot a wolf, he's a friend of Elanee's so speak to him, looks like he couldn't get out of his wildform and for that he gets attacked by some randoms.....oh well. Agree to his quest to go to Skymirrior, we'll do this quest later so forget about it for now.

Now head north-east to find Reylene, she's a merchant with little to no sense at all, pressure her for protection money and tell her to tell the other merchants that your a very dangerous person, now go to the last sergeant and speak with him and again bribe him, a bit too easy this quest oh well not all of them will be this easy. Now before we get our reward from Moire go west from the last sergeant and speak to the guy's who are moving the cart, ask to look inside, when the refuse kill them and loot the cart, now head on back to Moire.

Great all work and no play makes me a very dull boy, well the next quest is a fun one so no more dull boy, all we need now are some marshmallows. I should proberly tell you all what the next quest is, we have to burn down the city guard HQ in this district, yippee! You get given a torch and a good luck, now on your way, equip the torch and walk over to the HQ, now set fire to the wagon and the 2 stacks of crates that are around the HQ.

Then exit the perimeter of the HQ and watch it burn, who's go the marshmallows? Now head back to the hideout and get your reward and a job well done. Now Moire will tell you to go to Axle, he's in the Merchant quarter, so what are you waiting for?

After talking to Axle you'll get your next quest, to deliver a shipment of weapons. Seems easy right? Go to the Back alley, you can reach it via the docks district. Once there head forward a bit to spot the smugglers with the cargo, he'll tell you what you need to know, head out to find out that this isn't going to be as easy as you thought it would be. You'll encounter a group of thugs, kill em all and continue on.

Next is a group of watchmen, then you'll find a third group comprised of thugs and a couple of spellcasters, kill em and move on to the fourth group again kill em all.

A bit further down the road you'll encounter a rather large group of watchmen and thugs. You can get either Qara or Neeska to set a fire to distract the watchmen while you take out the thugs and then take out the watchmen for XP. Now continue on down the road, when it splits take the northern road and when you encounter a group of thugs don't talk with em just kill em y'know for the XP.

For the next fight make sure you rest and save because their will be a lot of thugs that have an attitude problem, after the fight continue on up to the warehouse. Unfortunately it is never easy, you'll get your reward, 2000 gold, hurrah! But then you'll be told that "hounds" have infiltrated the warehouse, "sighs" alrighty let's get to work just kill all of em there will be about 30 of them, give or take. Once you have done that head back to Moire and Axle for your reward as well as your next quest.

Your next quest will be in Old Owl Well, so before going there i suggest you go and do Elanee's side-quest at Skymirror.

Skymirror 1.17

Note: you can do this area at any point in this chapter but you must have Elanee in your party.

When you arrive, Elanee will give you some background info on Skymirror, after the cutscene, head out. in this area you'll find 4 trees that you can interact with, you'll need to cast a spell on each tree, the spell needed will be displayed below.

1. A massive bull - Bull's Strength
2. A leaping panther - Cat's Grace
3. A man's face that looks half wooden and half flesh - Barkskin
4. An owl perched on a high limb - Owl's Wisdom

After you've successfully cast the fourth spell on the last tree you'll get an item called "Skymirror Offering". Speak with Naevan, a druid of Elanee's circle. Looks like he doesn't know anything about nothing except that he suspects that the King of Shadows is returning. Once the dialog is over you'll get XP, and Elanee will say something is not right and that we should get out of here, so what ae you waiting for?

On the way back to the entrance you'll be attacked by water elementals and ghasts, after all that before you can exit you'll notice that the exit is blocked by a shadow priest and about 6 thugs, waste them all and loot their remains and head to Old Owl Well or Neverwinter if you haven’t gotten that far yet.

Old Owl Well 1.18

On your way to the well you'll encounter your next companion, Grobnar Gnomehands.

When you arrive at the well you'll find that it looks like a military camp than anything else. You'll be fighting trolls so go to the merchant, Simmy if you need any fire or acid enchanted weapons buy them here, but if you have Qara in your party you should be alright.

Head on over to Karina, Axle's informant in this part of the Neverwinter army. She will give you your orders, from here on out the "evil" and the "good" sides will be the same.

Head over to Callum, during the fist 30 seconds of this chat an orc raiding party will attack, so kill them and continue with the dialog. You'll be given your orders and be told that their is a rogue group killing the orcs, so when you meet them and you will meet them get them on your good side. Move on out to the first orc clan.

Bonenasher Clan 1.19

Entering this area, the first thing you will face is a group of orcs to your left kill and loot them then move on north. When you reach the crossroad hang a left and kill the troll, make sure you kill it (fire or acid to finish it off). Return to the crossroad and be attacked by about 10-15 orcs. Again if you have Qara in your party you should be able to make light work of them. Continue on forward, toward the rockslide.

When you reach the rockslide, a cutscene will play and you'll find out that you can’t pass the rockslide without some sort of explosives, another group of orcs will attack you. Move on north, the only way you can go at the moment. Eventually you'll reach a group of "blue" orcs, approach them. You'll find out that they are waiting for their scout to return, you'll get a few choices but pick the option to attack, it's easier.

Keep on following the path and soon you'll find a cave, enter it and clear it out. At the back of the cave will be a box of Blastglobes, aka explosives. Also click on hte ore deposit at the back, you'll find out later what they're for. Head on back to the rockslide.

Watch the cutscene, i just love the smell of cordite in the morning, hahaha lol anyways back on with the walkthrough. Follow the path, kill everything and loot what you need and eventually you should find a Gnome named Guyven of the Road, speak with him to learn about an old Ironfist clan stronghold, we'll go there later. Keep following the path and soon you'll find the entrance to the lair of the Bonegnasher Clan, kill the guards and enter.

Other walkthroughs will give you a detailed explanation on each cave, but I won't. I will only mention the important things that you need to know, the rest is really just basic knowledge. Clear each room and when you come across a door in the southern part, enter it and click on the ore vein here. backtrack and continue on exploring the cave. When the path turns north you should be able to spot two locked doors, kill the orcs and open the bottom one to let out Pentin the miner, you'll need him for later.

Continue on and eventually you'll reach a room with two doors in it, one north and one south. Enter the south one first, kill and loot it and then do the same with the north room. Keep on following the path and you'll reach the chieftain on the Bonegnasher tribe, he'll run away, I guess he doesn't like house guests...oh well kill his gaurds and chase him. Once you catch up to him, kill him because if you let him live he'll be an inconvience later on.

Continue on down the hallway and you'll reach a man who is claiming that he is the Waterdeep emissary, problem is that he doesn't have his credential, alright then let him go for now.

After leaving the Bongnasher Clan area, you'll encounter some orcs, and Casavir, a paladin. Looks like he's been making life hell for the orcs, good for him. he'll join your party, although Neeska will have a bitch about it, due to the fact that she's a demon and he's a paladin, too bad for her. Casavir will point you in the direction of the Eyegouger Clan, so your next destination is the Eyegouger Clan so move out.

Eyegouger Clan 1.20

This place is easy to navigate, although it looks like just a bunch of wires on the mini-map. Just follow the path around until you hit the first of two barricades; just blow it up with one of Qara's fireball spells....ka-boom. But if you don't have her in your party, just hack n slash at it until it breaks some defense. Repeat for the next barricade and continue on to the lair. If the spiders that you have been facing have frightened you don't have a heart attack when you see the next one okay. Kill the giant blade spider and head on inside.

Alrighty this is a pretty big place. Start by clearing out each room, when you start fighting human enemies, you’re close to the next level, but don't go down there yet just make sure you kill everything and loot everything. When you encounter about 3-5 white wolves try to enlist their help, but to do that you will need Elanee in your party other wise they will attack you. Once your sure you've done that make your way downstairs.

Level 2 is a bit smaller but you need to be on your toes, Logram Eyegouger is in this area. Clear out each room and make your way towards the top of the map where Logram is. Before you enter the room, rest and save. If you killed Yaisog earlier this battle will be a little bit easier. Once everyone is dead move on to the third level of this place, don't forget to loot all the corpses, especially Logram's.

Level 3 is easy, just a lot of undead, which Casavir should be able to take out. The first thing you notice when you enter the area is the corpses, there is plenty of options to gain influence with Casavir, but when Neeska objects just say that you trust her instincts to gain a +1 influence with her too.

Anyways clear out each room, in one of the rooms their will be another ore vein, click on it and move on. When you reach the room in the southeast corner, be prepared to fight yet another shadow priest, loot everything after you kill him and then speak with the real Issani and let him leave for Old Owl Well. Now head back there yourself, once here speak to everyone that is important, and then sell all of your loot and then head out to the Dwarven Scouts.
You'll need Khelgar in your party to do this quest so if he isn't in your party head to the Sunken Flagon and get him.

Dwarven Scouts 1.21

You must Have Khalgar in your party to do this quest after all this is his side-quest.
Once all the talking is over head on out. Follow the path, killing everything. When you reach a dead scout you'll be ambushed, fight your way out of it and continue on down the path and eventually you'll reach a captured dwarf, release him and send him on his way but the dialog with Khelgar afterwards just be careful in what you say, just don't tell him that he had forsaken his people or anything like that, you'll lose influence and losing influence with him now is a very bad thing. Continue on down the path and you'll reach the entrance to the stronghold, head on inside.

After the giant bugbear leaves the room, kill the remaining enemies and go left asap to find a chest named "part chest" or something like that anyways take what’s in the chest, you'll need it soon. Keep on going through the corridors until the path splits to two closed doors, just head forward and open the door to find the giant bugbear that you saw at the start of the area, his name is Gruum and his brother is Grish, kill em both, they just too ugly to let live. Loot the corpses and continue on. When you reach a locked gate a scene will start and if you have Neeshka in your party, she'll figure how to open the gate, remember that part that i told you to pick up from the chest?

If you did that’s good that’s what you need to unlock he gate, after the gate is open continue on forward. Soon you'll find yourself in Grausch's lair, kill em all. When you open the chest in here, you'll find a pair of gauntlets named Gauntlets of Ironfist. Khelgar will tell you their history and that you should wear them with pride, say that he should wear them and you'll gain a +4 influence with him but since that you have control of what everyone in your party uses you can still wear them, hurrah! Agree to return to the scouts at the entance of the area and you'll be auto-ported to them.

Have a chat with Khulmar, and then return to Neverwinter to inform Axle that you completed your quest and he'll have a new job for you, never any rest for the wicked "sighs".

The Sea Ghost 1.22

This quest just pisses me off and for good reason; the boss of the thugs is a tough customer. Get your orders from Axle and head on out the Dock's District, the ship is in the middle of the ships down at the docks, so head on down and when you get there a few thugs will get nosy, kill them and then Ahja the Azure will come out and "greet" you. Kill him but watch out his spells can take you down quick if your not careful, once he is dead loot the corpses and head on back to Axle to get your reward and your next quest.

The Githyanki Lair 1.23

Great more people want you dead, what else is new? Get your orders and head out, the lair isn't hard to find it's near warehouse entrance.

Bust in there with an attitude and kill everyone in the south part first and then clear out the north part. When you find the portal a Blade Golem will uh teleport in would be the best way of putting it, anyways he starts to kill the githyanki, so join in but notice that the golem is hostile as well so hit him until he runs into the portal. Now head back to Axle and get your reward and access to Blacklake.

Blacklake, Shandra and the Githyanki 1.24

When the game loads you'll be in front of Aldanon's house, after an rather long talk with him he'll give you his shard and tells you that you'll need to go to the Neverwinter Archives to find out where Ammon Jerro Haven is.

Go outside and tell your guide that you want to go to the Archives. Once here you'll find out that the Githyanki are here aswell. Kill all the gith and you'll find a caretaker who will tell you how to open the main vault. Head on into the main library and kill all the gith and get the veil from the dead caretaker, put it on for now. These riddles might test your knowledge on the NWN story but your companions might be able to help you also your lore skill might be a help as well. The main ways to get the answers are in the books that are in the shelves along the perimeter of the library.

The southwest pillar is related to the Illefarn Cypher.
Simply copy it to paper or in notepad and decode whatever the pillar says.

The northwest pillar is related to To Counter the Assumption Of...
Question: The author of the tome believes Faerun is the shape of a..
Answer: ring
Question: What sorcerer succeeded in disrupting the Weave?
Answer: Karsus

The northeast pillar is related to The Luskan Threat to Neverwinter
Question: What does the author recommend Lord Nasher do about the Luskan..
Answer: Build more alliances..
Question: Who is the current ambassador for Luskan?
Answer: Torio Claven
Question: What is Luskan's most immediate short-term goal?
Answer: Assassinate Lord Nasher

The southeast pillar is related to Death of a Sailorman
Question: Who is the Captain of the Crimson Hawk
Answer: Lariat Quist
Question: What does Trenor consider his "crowning achievement"
Answer: Sinking the Luskan Pride
Question: What weapon is used to kill Trenor B. Darven?
Answer: A jewelled dagger
Question: How many variations are there of Trenor B. Darven's death?
Answer: Hundreds

These were the questions and answers i was able to get.
Once you have answered all of them correctly the door to the vault will open, but before you can get what you need, you'll find that the gith have beaten you to it, but fear not just kill them all and then get the answers that you seek. You'll learn that the last living relative of Ammon Jerro is Shandra, remember the farmer with the flammable barn. You'll be auto-ported to her farm.

Upon arriving at Shandra's farm, you see the gith have already arrived. kill em all then enter the house. kill the gith inside of the house and try to convince Shandra that your here to help. Eventually they'll set fire to the house, making her run outside, follow her and then kill the gith that attack after the attacks she will then follow you to the Sunken Flagon. Say "let's go there immediately" to get auto-ported there.

After the cutscene, you'll go to bed, and what happens? Shandra gets kidnapped, goddamnit these gith are persistant. Kill all of the gith in the Sunken Flagon and then Bishop, that ranger that tells you to go away all the time, he joins your party to help track these gith.

You'll set out immediately, tracking them to the village of Ember. of course it's an ambush, so get ready for one hell of a fight. 2 waves of gith will attack. Kill em all, and a woman will tell you that they have taken Shandra to the mountains. Before you leave, speak to the little boy named Marcus. He'll will want Bishop's skinning knife, persuade Bishop to give him the knife, Marcus will help you out later on.

Before you head out for the new location on the world map, make sure you're done with everything because the next area is the last for chapter 1.

Githyanki Base 1.25

When you arrive to the area, prepare for a rather long battle. You'll stay in combat almost half way through the map, until you once again find Guyven of the Road. He'll tell you a bit about the Illefarn ruins on this mountain, and you will get 250xp once more for simply locating him. Continue forward though, we have more Githyanki blood to spill. I must admit, it does feel good to take the fight to them for once, instead of constantly running away from them. Enter the cave.

The first thing that happens when you enter the cave is that you'll be stopped by a Githyanki sword stalker. If you think you've seen him before, it's true. He was the Gith who led the attack on West Harbor, killing Amie.You can have a fairly long chat with him, but eventually he will attack you. Once they're all dead, continue onwards. Around the next corner you'll encounter a succubus fighting the Githyanki. Hmm, what's that all about now.... Moving on, you'll get the explanation. Another familiar face from the cutscenes is here. Now, what may his agenda be, after killing off the nobles in Neverwinter and now suddenly here?

The next interesting thing is two succubi playing with that blade golem you met at the Githyanki hideout in Neverwinter earlier on. Seems all the loose ends are coming together in this cave. Still, loads of questions to be answered so let's move on. Nothing more of note happens on this level, so once you reach the door to level 2, rest up and move down.

You'll see three succubi teasing a devil. Kill the succubi, and then talk with the devil. Seems he wants to be freed and since freeing him is the only way to get past the forcefield thingy ahead of you, you don't really have a choice. Learn his true name, then say the right words and *poof* no more barrier.

Loot the room and clear the two side-rooms before continuing forward. Going north, you'll eventually come upon Zaxis. Just kill him, it will be easier. Now enter the room that Zaxis was bashing at, you'll have a conversation with Zeeaire. A good diplomacy check will make two of the guards leave, but that will also result in a loss of xp and loot, and we can't have that now, so just kill them.

Now, Zeeaire is inside a portal system of sorts, and there are two ways of removing it. Either you simply use the interdimensional sphere you got from the devil earlier on, or you destroy the three thingies around her. Either way, it would probably be best to wait with doing this till after the guards have been
Killed in order to focus your fire in the best way. Once Zeeaire has been defeated, she will tell you that the Githyanki was not the real threat.

The King of Shadows is returning, and he will destroy all life and so forth, just like all the other ancient evils, they either wish to
enslave all life or destroy all life. Loot everything, then talk to Shandra to return to the Sunken Flagon.

A rather long cutscene ensues, in which Shandra joins your party. She will not count as one of the three you can have along, and she's a level 11 fighter to
boot. She's rather weak, however, so you'll need some strength-enhancing items to get her up to par with a true warrior. You will also, in time, get Sand to join your merry band of adventurers. And be accused of butchering the village of Ember, you will too. Of course, that is only a Luskan plot to bring you to Luskan so they can kill you, but there's the small matter of proving this.

While all this sounds fairly horrific, there's light at the end of the tunnel. If you accept to become a squire of a knight of Neverwinter, Lord Nasher, and
Luskan, will be forced to have your trial here in Neverwinter instead of if Luskan, greatly increasing your chances of survival. And thus, chapter 1 ends
And chapter 2 begins.

Chapter II
Introduction 2.1

Watch the cutscene, you know what you to do in order to become a squire. But, there are other things to do as well. Blacklake has opened up again and, no surprise here, people want some of your companions dead. Neeshka, Qara and even Khelgar have loose ends that they need to tie up. Leave the Sunken Flagon to find out what I’m talking about.

The first time you leave the Flagon with Neeshka in your party, she'll be approached by Tasha. She tells you that Leldon is planning to rob the Collector's Mansion. Neeshka will react to this and you'll be draged into one her theiving schemes again.

Also at some point in the chapter while you have Qara in your party, you will see a cutscene of Johcris and that evil Luskan assassin conjuring up a strange creature. This creature is an animus elemental that will attack Qara whenever it sees fit. It first attacks when you head out to the Crossroad Keep.
During this chapter you can do Khelgar's vision quest so that you can turn him into a monk. It's not the best choice to do but if you don't mind having a weaker Khelgar go right ahead.

Exploring Blacklake 2.2

While we can hardly stress the importance of you becoming a squire and thus invulnerable to the Luskan plot enough, there's still time to do a few things here and there. After meeting Tasha outside the Sunken Flagon, take a little turn down to the docks. You'll see a new person down there, Fibba. She's one of the limited edition merchants who have now become available for all of us. She carries some rather unique stuff if you use the "blessed of waukeen" feature, and she also carries plenty of molds and crafting materials like mithral and zalantar wood. Right now may actually be a good time to do you’re first real crafting and enchanting session if you haven't already, so feel free to visit the various merchants - especially Pap, and get the supplies you need to get some deserved upgrades to your gear.

Once you reach Blacklake you'll see a painter in front of you. If you talk to him, he'll exclaim that Shandra is the perfect model, and that he has to paint her. Convince Shandra to do so, and pay 500g for the painting afterwards for +2 influence with Shandra. If you have Neeshka along, you'll loose -2 influence with her for all this nonsense. If you only pay 300g, you'll not get any INF changes at all.

You'll also see a bard who challenges you to a duel: It's a fun little thing to do, so let's get playing. You play 4 "duels" and you only need to win one to win the whole thing. First of all, here are the correct keys for the 4 songs:

Song 1: 44124754
Song 2: 234451122
Song 3: 2332233175
Song 4: 35345272725

The songs aren't the only thing you need though. You also need to make a successful skill check on at least one of the checks made after each song. Don't worry though; there are loads to choose from: Intimidate, Sleight of Hand, Appraise, Bluff, Perform, Diplomacy and so forth, so it shouldn't be too big a problem. If you're failing, you can always get a little help from Qara in the last round - lute playing with fireworks included seems to win the crowd. When you win, you get 250xp and a magic lute.

Now go check the merchant at the academy square, he has some rather nice items for sale, so it's really worth a look. Note the imp near the merchant? If you help him free his friends, you'll get a major chaotic alignment change.

Enter Castle Never and speak with Sir Nevalle to get another sidequest. Seems Luskan isn't satisfied with having you on trial, they've also lured a few of the Neverwinter citizens into treason. Head on out to Temar's Estate. When you enter, Temar will almost immediately tell you he's a traitor and a fight ensues. Kill em all, and remember to loot 'em for a few nice goodies. Also remember to return to Nevalle for your reward.

There's also a quest to be gotten at the Temple of Lathander. Seems the priests would like to give good old Brother Merring a little reward for his efforts, and since you might return to West Harbor soon enough, you might as well grab the box they want given to him.

Before entering the Collector's home, you'll see four people have a little meeting of sorts. Initiate dialogue and listen to what's going on. Seems even Neverwinter have their Goths. Tell Kyli that you'll find her sister, and you will get a quest. Let's do that one right away, who knows, it might be another undead menace grabbing a hold of these poor kids. When you enter the crypt, you'll see that the kids are not the only ones who got this idea. They'll explain it's a private party, but suddenly a scream will echo through the crypt. Head on through, and see two other people be trapped by a group of undead. Kill them, and then talk to the two people to find out that they had expected the undead would kill you.

Seems these guys serve the King of Shadows as well. Kill them all. Loot Lorelei's corpse to get a worn key, and continue into the crypt, plenty more undead to kill, and you haven't found the girl you were looking for yet either. You'll eventually reach a room with a gong in it. It has a door to the south and a hallway going north. Go north through the hallway first. Watch for traps and loot the sarcophagi and the chest, there's some decent loot in there. Now go south, to the final room, buff up before you enter. When you enter, you'll see a few familiar faces, Savannah and Raven. With a good diplomacy check you can persuade Savannah to quit this cult, which makes the others attack you.

Kill them, then speak with Savannah and get 400xp for turning her away from the King of Shadows. Continue forward, we're not quite done here. Enter the final room, to see the high priest of this place getting ready to finish some bizarre ritual. Have a few words with him, then fight off the lot of 'em. Take down the initiates first, then focus on Arval. Once they're dead, talk to Lisbet, only to have her summon a group of greater shadows on you. Kill those as well, and then talk to Lisbet again to learn what was really going on here.

If you're friendly to her, she'll follow you out. She'll also tell you that the ritual she just performed has caused all the people you killed down here to rise again as shadows, so get ready to fight your way out. Remember to loot the little room to the south to get Arval's Journal. This journal can be given to Sir Navalle for an XP bonus. A good tip for getting Lisbet out safely is to either give her stoneskin buff, or to simply order her to "stand your ground" before you enter a room with hostiles. (Remember to tell her to follow you again afterwards though.) Once outside, talk to Kyli for a reward, a bit of gold and 2000xp.

Now, time to handle Neeshka's little affair. Pick the lock, and enter the home of the Collector. Inside, you'll soon learn that "no resting is allowed", and that the Collector's guards are the "kill first, ask questions later" type. Work your way through the first floor until you meet Vania.

Have a word with her, and a successful diplomacy check makes her help you, she'll volunteer to act as your hostage so the Collector will give you his. Also, check the journal on the table. Seems the poor Collector secretly desires a completely different life. Once up there, it seems he values his collection more than his wife. Give her some money to start afresh, then grab the painting next to the Collector and threaten to destroy it. He'll give you his key as well as tell you that one of the books has the secret to unlocking the vault. Go grab the book about numerology on the shelf.

It's an algebra question, leading to the code: 513. Now, the vault needs all in all 2 keys and a combination. You have one key and the combination. Head downstairs again, to the servant's room. Grab the empty bottle from the wash basin and put it into the vase of water to create a full bottle of water. Head back upstairs, and use the bottle on the fireplace. Then grab the ornate silver key. Use all the keys on the door, and then enter the combination. Once you enter the vault, Leldon will arrive. Kill him and then loot the vault for anything of value, no alignment change.

Becoming a Squire 2.3

Since you should already be at the City Watch, simply speak to Sir Grayson. After a little lesson in what Knighthood is, you'll be told that in order to become a squire, you need stand vigil for one night, alone in the Solace Glade. Say you're ready for it, and you'll get auto-ported there. Simply follow the cutscenes until you get attacked by a group of Luskan assassins. Don't worry; they're no true match for you. Next morning, you'll be accepted as Sir Grayson's squire, and Lord Nasher will be delighted to tell the Luskan ambassador off. You now have a new assignment: Find proof of your innocence. While you're here, talk to Lord Nasher about that journal you found in the crypt.

Since we've already completed the quests and tidbits we can in Neverwinter, let's head out for Port Llast right away. Do note, you're forced to have Sand in your party to leave to Port Llast. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

Port Llast 2.4

Sand will initiate dialogue when you arrive. If you finish it by saying you're glad to have him along, you'll get +2 influence with him.

Head straight to the Garrison and speak with Haeromos. Seems they have awitness who saw you slaughter them all. A good diplomacy check allows you to speak with her. It's Alaina, the same woman who told you where the Gith took Shandra back when you were in Ember. Again, some good diplomacy checks, and Sand's help, makes her a bit uncertain that it was actually you who did it. She tells that it was you, together with a dozen humans. No gnomes, dwarves or tieflings. Seems Sand is of the opinion that the Luskans let her escape so she could tell the world that it was you who did it. If you deny Sand's proposal of using her in court, you'll lose 1 influence with him. You can also get some information about Luskan, Black Garius, Lorne and Torio from Haeromos, but he won't be talking much otherwise, simply because you're still the prime suspect of the slaughter of Ember, so head outside again.

There's a few interesting people in Port Llast: Haljal the Weaponsmith and Yask the Armorsmith, both at the Cracked Anvil. Nodoab and Enleva - two gnomes obsessed with Wendersnaven. I'm assuming you'll experience something rather unique if you have Grobnar along.
Nya - gives you the quest, a quest you'll complete in Ember.
Malin - A ranger inside the Alliance Arms, who will tell you that there might be a survivor from Ember hiding out in the Duskwood Grove. She'll also tell you that Duskwood has become a dangerous place as of late though.
Elgun - Speak to him after you've spoken to Haljal, Alaina and Malin to uncover his lie. Hint at that he's a witness and the attackers are still alive, and he'll stop spreading his stories. That gives you 500xp.
Calindra - Speak with her to find out that her partner, Bradbury, is missing. Both she and he are miners, and the last she heard was that he said he had found a massive deposit inside Duskwood.

In the south end of Port Llast, you'll be stopped by a group of guards. A good diplomacy checks makes them give up their intended arrest of you, and nets you 250xp as well. Now with all this taken care of, let's head on out to Ember, the site of the crime.

Ember 2.5

Upon arriving to Ember, your companions will have a few reactions to the massacre. Let's start by doing Nya's quest, and at the same time securing that the villagers won't suddenly rise up and attack. While doing so, you'll come across a corpse who didn't die in the attack. He was poisoned, according to Sand, and he will take a sample to use in court.

During your sweep, you'll also find the Quartermaster's Log, another piece of the puzzle. Close to that, you'll find Guyven of the Road. Tell him that he'll always have a place by your fire. You won't regret it later.

Once all the villagers have been laid to rest, go check out the well. Sand should have already mentioned he heard something in it. If you helped Marcus back when you were first in Ember, he'll be down here, telling you what really happened. His description fits the description of the Luskan, Lorne, quite nicely. He'll return to the Sunken Flagon. You'll also find a vein of ore down here, as well as a door leading to some caves.

Head on through, and you'll encounter some goblins. Seems they've killed an intruder a short while ago, so ask to speak to their chieftain about that fella. The chieftain says that only a ring remains of him, and that the only way you will get it is to clear out some spiders nearby. Agree to this, and continue forward. Locate the spiders, and kill them all. Remember to click the vein of ore in the same cave as the spiders as well.

You'll soon encounter a giant spider named Kistrel. It seems the spider wants to tell you something. Remember where it is for now, we'll return to it soon. If you have Elanee along, you'll be able to talk to it and get that quest to find some food for it. Return to Glek, the goblin chieftain, and tell him the spiders are dead. He'll give you a ring very much like the one you found on the assassins that came for you on your night in the Solace Glade. It's a Luskan Assassin ring, another piece of the puzzle. Move through the caves and take the exit to Duskwood.

Duskwood 2.6

Whether you arrive to Duskwood from land or from the underground caves, you'll start out in the same place. Sand will tell you that his magic will be weakened in here - be friendly and respectful to him to get +2 influence. Move on out, and you'll soon encounter Lyssa. Seems this little dryad has been playing a rather large part in this whole setup. She gave Lorne some powder of alteration to help him, and she got her revenge over the villagers as well. She will give you some of that powder, if you get her the glowstone from the goblin caves below. You can object to this, which will give you +3 good and -1influence with Sand, but in the end you'll have to accept if you want to prove your innocence. If you have a high bluff skill, 2 successful bluff checks will make her think you're Lorne and she'll give you the powder. If you fail one or both bluff checks, head back to the underground caves and straight for the Glowstone. Grab the stone and kill the goblins attacking you. They're still just goblins after all. Return to the dryad and give her the glowstone. You'll get the alteration powder from her in return.

We're not quite done in Duskwood yet though, so return to the underground cave entrance, and head up the cliff, moving southwards. You'll soon encounter a group of dire wolves. Kill them, and move on. Follow the road west, killing off critters as they come. When you reach the cave entrance, you'll meet Jalla and Mirri, two gnomes. These two seem rather odd, and they've got little interest in letting you inside the cave. Say you'll go anyway though, and enter. Kill off any wolves you encounter, and explore the cave. Once you reach the end you'll find Bradbury. Or, what's left of him. Turns out those two cute gnomes are werewolves, and that they won't be able to resist attacking you since you went straight into their lair. Kill them all. One of the little cute wolves has an insect collection.

If you have Elanee in your party, return to Kistrel, the named spider in thecaves and hand it the insect collection. You'll get 1000 xp as well as acomment saying you sense you'll see this creature again. You will later on.Head back to Port Llast and hand in your quests with Nya and Calindra, then head to Neverwinter, Blacklake District and Castle Never to start your trial.

The Trial 2.7

Even with all your evidence, there's still a lot to do. If your character has a high diplomacy skill, you should be quite fine running the show yourself, if not
I'd leave the word to Sand. During the trial, you'll see several faces you know, Aliana, Marcus, Nya, Callum and a few others.

Once you've proven your innocence, Lord Nasher will send Torio and her Luskanfriends out of Neverwinter, but Torio will have one final card to play. It will end with a Luskan champion and yourself (or one of your party) having to combat to the death in the morning.

You'll be sent to the Temple of Tyr to prepare a cleansing ritual. Before the ritual starts, Khelgar will arrive, more enraged than ever. He deeply desires to take your place in the fight tomorrow. Tell him that you'll fight Lorne and he'll walk away. Since we're warrior type class we should be able to stand up against this brute.

Just before the battle, Grobnar will wish to sing a song for you, but whether he does or not depends on your influence with him. Time to fight. Lorne will enter a barbarian frenzy, making it impossible to actually defeat him until it's over. Thankfully, Sand gave you a potion of invisibility, so use that once he's almost dead, then wait it out and strike the final blow.

Once the fight is over, you'll be congratulated by Lord Nasher, who sends you straight to the Sunken Flagon for some rest. You'll see a cutscene of Garius.
Now, some time after the trial, you'll meet a group of bounty hunters while travelling the land. A good intimidate check can make them run away, but I
Wouldn’t do that. You need the cash from their gear for other purposes ;)

Aldanon's Manse 2.8

Now, after the trial, you can also convert Khelgar into a monk if you so wish, and if you've gained enough influence with him. Khelgar will loose all his fighter levels and gain all levels in the monk class instead.

Wolf, the kid you helped back in act 1 (if you did help him that is), will have a message for you, from Aldanon the Sage, something about some silver shards.

Head over to Aldanon to hear what he has to say. Once you get there, it seems thieves have gone rampant in the poor man's house. Cormick lies in the front yard, struck by a wand, and two thieves are holding the Watch off. With some good diplomacy checks, you can persuade both the thieves to surrender and the Watch to agree to let them go. Once that's done, they'll gladly answer your questions. Hope you brought Neeshka along if you're not a rogue yourself, since it sounds like there's a whole lot of traps inside. Buff up, and enter.

Once inside, be ever-careful of traps, otherwise simply kill all the thugs you meet while exploring the place. In one of the rooms just north of the library you'll meet the butler, who's about to be killed. If you save him, that nets you 500xp extra. There are two doors that lead to the basement, but you can only open one of them, the one in the southwest corner. Make sure you clear the first floor before going down though. Once you approach the four "blue" characters in the basement, the leader will tell one of his men to kill the hostages. The more hostages you save, the more XP you get. Once they're all dead, you'll learn that the nobles who've been killed, has been killed because of a shard they have. It now lies with the last surviving noble - and Aldanon has disappeared, kidnapped and traded off to some unknown fate.

Head outside, and do as Shandra says - head straight for Lord Nasher himself. Nasher will order you to head straight for the Tavorick mansion, and will send
a squad of guards as well. You got your orders, so head for the mansion.

Tavorick's Estate 2.9

You'll be stopped by two guards once you reach the estate, but once they find out who you are, you'll be let right in. Once inside, talk to Ballard, then Tavorick. Inspect the house. In the southeastern room, you'll find two barrels of very old blastglobes. You remember those from back when we used one to blow up the rockslide at the orcs yeah? You can check upstairs too, but there's nothing worth noting.

Talk to Ballard about those blast globes, then order the house locked down. Settle your defences (it matters little as far as I can tell) and prepare for combat. After a little while, you'll be called downstairs, only to be attacked by a few waves of demons. After a little while a scream will come from upstairs, forcing you to return to Tavorick. He'll then tell of a crypt with only one door. Now why didn't he mention that before.. Head downstairs, where you'll once more be attacked by demons. After some time, the demons retreat. Seems we were all a decoy and the girl he had with him earlier has the shard. Don't worry too much; she's a member of the Nine. Time to head out for the Moonstone Mask in any case, but there's one itsy-bitsy-tiny problem. The exit is a wee bit blocked by a big bad demon.

NOTE: If you manage to save Tavorick, you get a little XP bonus.

Either way, buff up. Then go pay a visit to this Qaggoth-Yeg demon. He will have a little speak, then attack you. Once him and his fellow demons are dead, head out and move straight for the Moonstone Mask.

Enter the Mask, go upstairs and clear the area, then proceed through the closed door. Seems you're too late. This warlock will summon two hellhoundish dogs to attack you, and then disappear. Kill the dogs, and then return to Lord Nasher. Nasher, and a new person you've seen in cutscenes before, will tell you of the latest news about Black Garius. Seems he's within Neverwinter territory, at the Crossroads Keep. Nasher's orders are simple as always, head out there, and kill all the bad guys and save Aldanon the Sage. All in a days work, I believe.

Prep up, get ready, and head for the Crossroads Keep.

Crossroad Keep 2.10

You'll see a cutscene of Garius preparing the ritual before you arrive at the Keep. Once there, a few of the Neverwinter Wizards will brief you on the situation, suggesting a direct attack would be the best move, seeing as we're a bit short on time. Agree, and attack the few guards outside the keep, then
head inside. After a short battle, the doors will be sealed, and the Wizards will tell you of an escape tunnel. Head back out to the world map and to the escape tunnel.

Once inside, follow the path forward, smashing beetles as you go. In one of the early rooms, you'll find another ore vein to add to your collection of found veins. Keep going, remember to loot the supply room with the bone spider, and head on into the Keep itself. You'll find Aldanon, who's his own distracted self. Talk to him, and finally tell him to get out and warn Neverwinter. Loot his bookcase for a golem activation manual thingie. Seems that dear Blade Golem is here as well. Keep going; slaughter the Luskans who stand between you and the two arcane brothers. Once the wizards are inside, start looking for Garius.

Backtrack a bit and enter the only door here. You'll encounter a group of shadow priests who will inform you that the ritual is designed to unite Garius with the King of Shadows, not to let Garius take over his power. Kill them all and continue down. You'll meet the blade golem here, so kill that one as well.

Buff up, head on in, and slaughter the lot. "Talk" to the four lieutenants as well. Once the last man is dead, you'll see a cutscene of Garius exclaiming "what have you done to me?" whereafter he dies. Say "hold on" to Vale, loot all the corpses (Garius has a shard as well), then talk to him again to get auto-ported to Neverwinter.

After a few cutscenes in Neverwinter, Zhjaeve will join your party, and Nevalle will tell you to meet him at the Crossroads Keep. Since you've got nothing better to do, head back to the Keep. After a rather long cutscene, you'll now have two massive tasks ahead of you. Cleaning up your shiny new keep and preparing it for war, as well as preparing yourself for the battle against the King of Shadows himself.

Stonghold part I 2.11

You need to know a few things about this whole Keep thing before we start. Time acts in a different way here. Moving from the Courtyard to the Farms or to the Keep passes time for most of the Keep, so if you have people on their way to your Keep and you're waiting for them to be able to continue your work, move around a bit. For Kana and Veedle, time only progresses when you speak with them, this means that you can effectively save all Kana’s special missions and so forth until you’ve upgraded the gear and have had time go by so the soldiers are perfectly trained.

You will get 70.000g to help you get started with all the work that needs to be done with your Keep, but once they're gone, you will have to use your own cash. According to my calculations you need over 700.000 all in all to finish the Keep completely. Now you know why you were told to save your cash earlier on. Also, at certain points, you won't be able to progress time any further at your Keep. This is meant to be a hint to you that you should return to adventuring. You know, the very pressing mission with that evil King of Shadows and such?

You'll be standing in the Keep Courtyard, having just finished the insanely long cutscene with Navalle and Zhjaeve, so let's check out what's actually here yet. There's a lot of "ruined" buildings, but one structure is already up and running - the inn, of course. Inside, you'll find out that Sal, the old barkeep from the Sunken Flagon has taken the chance and started his own inn right in your new Courtyard. He'll also mention that he wants a dancer, but ignore that for now.

Head back outside and up the ramp to be introduced to two of your most important employees. Kana, the leader of your Greycloaks, and Veedle, the man responsible for all the construction work you want to do. Watch their cutscene and talk to Veedle afterwards. He'll tell you what you probably already know: The Keep is in a horrible state. Buildings, the Keep itself, fortifications and even the outlying roads need loads of work, so let's have him build #1:

Building Order:
1. Courtyard - Smithy (10,000gp)
2. Courtyard - Merchant's Shop (10,000gp)
3. Keep - Library (15,000gp)
4. Keep - Personal Suite (15,000gp)
5. Keep - West Wing (15,000gp)
6. Surroundings - Widen Merchant Trail (10,000gp)
7. Surroundings - Cobble Trail (35,000gp)
8. Surroundings - Nearby Roads (50,000gp)
9. Surroundings - Bridges and Watch Towers (100,000gp)
10. Fortifications - Wall Repairs (25,000gp)
11. Fortifications - Reinforce the Walls (50,000gp)
12. Fortifications - Towers (75,000gp)

With Veedle busy, it's time to visit the interior of the keep. You'll find a few interesting people inside. Uncus is a shady merchant who'll want to set up a little shop. Allow him to do so. He'll buy stuff up to 15.000gp and sell a few interesting items as well. In the basement you'll find Grobnar whose busy repairing the blade golem. He wants you to find a specific book and some specific parts to do so though. Don't worry too much about that yet. Also in the basement you'll find Kistrel the spider from Duskwood. He'll ask if he can stay - up to you, but I'd say yes. What's cooler than having your own friendly giant spider sitting around in case of evildoers?

Kana, your sergeant, is the main reason for going inside. It's at her you'll discuss things like soldiers (training, missions etc), tithes and things like that. For now, make sure that all tithes are set to zero and that your soldiers are ordered to training and garrison. Also order Kana to only accept the very best recruits. Go outside again and order Veedle to build #2.

Now it's time to do a lot of travelling. We've met quite a few people on our adventures, and some of them might be interested in getting a new job. First off, head to West Harbor. Once there, talk to Orlen and ask him to help you get your farms up and running again. And, now that we're here, we might as well finish off two sidequests, so go talk to Brother Merring to deliver the tithe box and talk to Retta Starling to finish up the Soldier's Story sidequest.
Now we need to figure out how to get some resources to our keep, so let's head out to Port Llast and have a chat with Calindra the miner. One miner is not enough though, so let's go to Old Owl Well next. There we'll find Pentin, another out-of-job miner, so let's hire him as well. And, while there, we
might as well hire another fine soldier to train our troops, so have a chat with Katriona too. Next up is Fort Locke. There we'll find Jacoby the weaponsmith. He'll be delighted to join you at Crossroads Keep, and trust me; you'll be just as happy to have him. However, weapons alone do not make a soldier, so head out to Highcliff and hire Edario the armourer as well. As the last thing, we'll head out to the merchant district of Neverwinter. Remember how Deekin complained that he couldn't get a proper shop? Offer him a shop at your keep and he'll be more than happy to join you. We're done travelling - for now, at least - so head back to Crossroads Keep. It's time to get some work done.

You'll notice that the miners and Orlen haven't arrived yet, so head on in to the courtyard, order #3 from Veedle, then go inside the keep and talk to Kana. Let her have Katriona assist with training the greycloaks, and get a report for the keep. For me, 9% of time had passed at this point. Head down to the cellar and have a chat with Kistrel. Seems he's making something for you. Ask wolf's minion to take you to the fields. Have a chat with Orlen if you
Wish, but our primary concern is Calindra the miner. Talk with her, and tell her you found some new ore deposits. That'll net you 2000g as well as give your keep access to all the ore we've found so far. With that amount of resources to our disposal, let's go back to the courtyard and talk to Edario and Jacoby. Time to improve the equipment of our greycloaks. Edario will give you an armor of comfort as payment for you building the smithy for him. Talk to him about equipping your soldiers, and make sure that everyone gets at least SOME sort of armour. Do the same with Jacoby to ensure that your greycloaks also have a weapon of some sort.

Order Veedle to build #4, then go see if Deekin has settled in properly. Sell anything you've kept so far since Deekin will pay up to 20.000g for any given
Item and you'll need the cash now. Head back out to the farms and talk to Calindra to get some ingot samples from the veins you've found, and have a chat with Orlen while you're there. Seems the place is starting to shape up, eh? Back into the courtyard, talk to Edario and Jacoby and pay up for a second upgrade for both. With this, you'll end up with greycloaks geared in studded leather armour and longswords. Talk to Veedle and build #5, and then enter the keep. You'll encounter a band of "adventurers" who need work. Ask Kana if she has anything, and they'll skip off to Port Llast to investigate a Luskan plot. Don't worry; you haven't seen the last of those folks. Let's go have a look at all those new areas we've built inside the keep. First go to the War Room and grab the crossroads keep key from the desk, then go to the library and loot the place of scrolls and books - they're all cash, and they're all yours after all. Talk to Aldanon for any lore questions. You'll also get the sidequest reactivating the construct by grabbing a book from the case in here. Now let's check your private quarters. Inside the cabinet there you'll find a bag of holding. Congratulations, free loot.

Head on out to the courtyard again, order Veedle to build #6 and talk to both smiths to do a third upgrade of your greycloak's gear. Head out to the farms to make time pass, then ask Edario for a final upgrade. He'll tell you that there's not enough ore to do so. Guess we'll have to wait until we've found a few more ore veins around the world. Head out to Veedle and order #7, then go inside the keep and talk to Kana.

She will inform you that Torio, that annoying Luskan, has been captured, and that she has been sentenced to death but Nevalle interfered and asked that you should decide her fate. Tell Kana that you want her to come to the Keep. Torio is, after all, a woman who joins up with winners, and her skills may very well prove useful. Also, if you ever want the mage tower, you'll have to have her. Ask Kana for a report. It should say something like this:

Time passed: 17%. Merchants: 14. Peasants: 9. Greycloaks: 50. Training: Best. Armor: Good. Weapons: Best.

Leave the chat and talk to Kana again, she'll have a special mission available for the greycloaks. Make sure they handle it, and Kana will leave to sort out
the details. Head back outside and have Veedle build #8. Back into the keep, chat with Kana again. She'll first tell you that those adventurers have sent a letter from Port Llast. Go ahead and read it. Ask for a report on the keep, then talk to her again to get a report from the special misison. Due to their equipment and training, the greycloaks easily swatted those bandits. You'll get a nice amulet as reward from the peasants for your help. Feel free to chat with her about everything, and then ask for a report once more. It should now say 20% time passed.

Head back out and order #9 from Veedle, then go back in and talk to Kana. The adventurers have returned! After much fun about apples, ask them if they know anything about the King of Shadows, and they'll skip off again in search of clues, adventure and riches. Oh, and to help the citizens of Neverwinter, of course. Talk to Kana again, and she'll tell you of special mission #2: Doman the Ogre. Order your soldiers to take care of this vile threat to the safety of your lands, then head outside and order Veedle to build #10. Finally we're starting to build fortifications!

Go back inside. You have another visitor, this time it's a halfling from the village of Leeves. Seems the bandits you've been driving out have found new hunting grounds. It's up to you how you'll handle this, really, but be advised that every choice has a consequence.

Head outside once more, and order Veedle to build #11, then go back inside.Katriona has a proposition for you now - to form an elite squad called the Captain's Company. Ask Kana for a report. It should say time passed: 25%.

Head back outside and have Veedle build #12. At this point I had 70,000gp left so thankfully there's nothing more to build for now. Go back inside and talk
to Kana. She'll tell you that "the men are tasked to capacity". This basically means that nothing more will really happen at the keep for now. Order Kana and Katriona to focus on recruiting more greycloaks, and then it's time to leave this place to itself for a little while. First, however, head down in the basement and chat with Kistrel to get the cloak he's been making for you. It's quite decent, actually.

Before heading out, make sure to visit the two smiths and gear up Zhjaeve since she's a required member of your party for the next part - it's time to do that ritual of purification Zhjaeve talked about earlier, so prep up and make sure you got the party you want, then head out to the Ruins of Arvahn.

Ruins of Arvahn 2.12

On the way to the ruins, you'll encounter a peasant being hunted by some otherhumans. As always, your call what to do, saving the peasant gives +3 good and a tiny (very tiny) bit of loot. I would kill the hunters for the XP, regardless of your choice, keep going to the ruins.

After a brief cutscene in which it seems West Harbor has yet again come under attack, head a bit up the road and take out the orcs and goblins fighting each
other. Once they're killed, activate the statue. That'll give you a nifty new special ability called Aurora Chain. Let's hope all five statues give stuff like that, eh?

Anyway, head straight south and you'll encounter a camp of friendly orcs. Yep, this game has everything. A friendly kobold, a friendly giant spider and now also friendly orcs. Or, well, sorta friendly at least. Their leader happens to be the brother of one of the orcs we killed back at Old Owl Well, and now he wants our help. Seems some ogres nearby have been annoying him, so he wants us to kill them. If you don't agree to do it, the orc camp here will attack you. If you do agree, however, the camp will act as a safe spot.

Have a look at your map now. We know there are five statues all in all. We've already found one of 'em, there's four points of interest.
Let's take a wild guess and say there's a statue in each place, yeah?

Riverguard Keep 2.13

Upon entering, you'll see a sarcophagus. Seems it's already been looted. How rude, taking the loot from the dead. It's not in your journal, but it could be
Considered sort of a sidequest - we'll get to it eventually. In the southeast corner of this room is a locked door. That's your shortcut back up again, so we'll get there eventually.

Go up the northern hallway. Just after it turns west you'll see a door to the north - open it, kill the baddies, grab the loot, then return to the hallway and the door to the south. In there you'll find the bugbear Ralidor. He is just as tired of the ogres as the orcs are, so he'll order his bugbears to leave if
you agree so with him. You could of course kill him here and now, but if you wait, he'll have more bugbears to help him, which means more xp and loot for you. We'll finish this one once we leave the place again regardless. Explore the rest of the level, killing ogres and goblins as you find them. Once everything's cleared, proceed to level 2.

Down here it's same procedure as last level - kill anything that moves and make sure to grab all the loot. You'll soon see four doors - two to the left and two to the right. Take the left doors first. Kill the ogre chief in there. Make sure to loot his remains for the Master's Shield. Then take the eastern door that's closest to the stairs down. Finally, open the last door and meet Bonesmasher, an orc monk. Release him for 100xp or kill him for 91xp and some loot, your choice. The reason we take this room last is that if you release him, he'll go berserk down here, kill anything that moves and smash all chests, destroying loot we want to keep. Once done, proceed to level 3, the final level.

Nobody down here is hostile, at least not right now, so feel free to explore the sidedoors and loot everything. Once you reach Ghellu, you'll have a few options. You can accept a counter-quest from Ghellu to kill the orcs and the bugbears, or you can simply kill Ghellu right away. Be advised though, it's a rather big fight, so make sure you're buffed up before fighting him. Make sure you loot him for his head as well as the Master's Scepter. Now, the reason we're here is that statue thingy, and there are a few ways to open the door to get to it. The simplest one being to simply keep trying until the wards run out of power. It'll hurt, but it works. If you killed Ralidor you'll have all three pieces of the Master's gear and the door will open by itself. If you didn't, however, you could always go up and outside, kill him, and go back down.

Either case, however you get the door opened, you'll end up talking with another statue. This one will give you the Shining Shield special ability.

Once you go outside, you'll meet Ralidor again. You can either tell him the ogre mage is dead, or fight him. I'd suggest the latter since there's no reward in keeping him alive, and bugbears are evil creeps regardless. He's got a LOT of bugbears with him, but a few well-placed spells from Qara and/or Zhjaeve will make short work of them all. Make sure to loot the remains when he's dead for the Master's Sword.

Return to the orcs and tell 'em you've killed the ogre bugger for 1500xp. Now, if you'd like to kill these orcs as well, simply speak with Ilrah, the other named one here, and insult his religion. Ilrah does have a journal entry as well. Apparently you'll loose your left foot in a fight at some point. Guess we'll have to wait and see about that. Be sure to loot the remains for some nifty items, including a really nice cleric necklace.

Head on out to the next place - the Temple of Seasons

Temple of Seasons 2.14

Upon entering, Zhjaeve will tell you this is the right place. Let's thank her for stating the obvious. In any case, click the statue and be told that this place is dedicated to four Illefarn fellas. Buff up with some cold resistance and proceed through the door.

In this first room there's a book on a pillar. Read the book, flip the pages and begin the Trial of Winter. Several waves of winter wolves and ice mephitis will attack you. Slaughter them all. Proceed through the newly opened door to get to the Book of Spring. 4 Hunter Statues and 4 earth elementals will spawn once you start the trial. Kill them in any way you see fit to complete this trial. Continue north and enter the room of summer. Start the trial and kill the iron golem that spawns to complete this one. The final trial, spring, is even easier. Whack the sylphs. Go through the final door to find this place's statue - this one will give you the Cleansing Nova special ability. Remember to loot the four chests as well.

With this done, head out to the next area, the Gem Mine.

The Gem Mine 2.15

Once inside, a spirit named Balaur will talk to you and tell you loads of interesting things. For the task at hand, however, only two things matters: We need to gather 6 spirits at the tree to access the statue, and we need to shut down the ghost lights to make the spirits able to get to the tree. Loot the book cases for a bunch of scrolls, then exit north and whack the first spirit. Talk to him, and ask him to follow you to the tree that's just north of you.

Backtrack a bit, and go through the eastern door. Go all the way east, clearing rooms and killing off undead as you encounter them. You'll soon find a few
more spirits. Make sure you ask them everything for backstory, and then guide them toward the tree by deactivating the ghost lights on the route you want them to go and activating the lights behind them so they don't turn around. Basically, they'll go anywhere that's not closed by ghost lights, and usually they'll try to avoid going toward the tree unless they're forced that way. Speak to them to make them move, by the way.

There's two spirits in the bright eastern area, and one more in the very east section of the more catacombish area in the south. Once you've found all three
of 'em and led them back to the tree, head on out to the western section. In the northwest corner you'll find a smithy with workbenches. Guess you might
as well use your time properly and find out if you can make anything cool yet. Also a good place to make adamantine weapons if you have the resources and wish to do so. What's more important here, however, is the rune-inscribed iron piece. Keep that one; we'll need it to reactivate the Construct.

Keep exploring the entire area, killing off undead and talking to spirits as you go. Once you've cleared out everything, return to the tree to watch a short cutscene and get the Soothing Light special ability.

Four down, one to go. Once you go outside here, you'll notice that the strange dias has been activated, and Zhjaeve tells you that's where the last statue
is. Well, let's head out, shall we?

The Song Portal 2.16

Upon entering the portal, you'll be sent to West Harbor. Or, what's left of it. If you have Neeshka along, she'll tell you that it smells of demons, even a devil or two, so stay alert. Explore the area. Only one thing of note here, besides all your dead friends, a scarred spot that Zhjaeve will tell you is quite important. Head on out to the ruins. You know, those ruins we found way back when we were happy little low-levels running around with Bevin. I even told you they'd be important later on ;) The swamp itself is rather empty except for a single crate that has a bit of loot in it, so feel free to run straight through up to the ruins. The ruins you entered the first time are closed off, so head for those mystic ruins that Bevil told you had been locked forever. Buff up before entering. Once you go inside, you'll have a little chat with a shadow reaver. The plot thickens, seems others are doing the same as us, eh? Defeat the baddies, loot the bodies and go through the portal in the back of the room. Then, it's back to Crossroads Keep.

Stronghold part II 2.17

Sell all your loot to Deekin - if he runs out, use Edario or Jacoby since they also pay up to 20,000gp for an item. Then head inside the keep and have a chat with Kana. Seems those crazy adventurers have reported back about their search for the King of Shadows. Do read the note, it's both hilarious and informative in it's own strange way.

Now, let's go to the cellar and have a little chat with Grobnar about that Construct thingy. Hand in the two items you've found so far and he'll tell you it "needs a little more". Go back upstairs and talk to Kana again. She now has a report on the soldiers we sent to that halfling village some time ago (if we sent some, that is). In my case it was a bloody fight, but we won. Good riddance to those bandits I say.

Now let's go chat with Aldanon like Zhjaeve suggested. After the chat continue on building up your keep.

Right, it's time to spend some time at the Keep itself. During this time, several things may happen.

Keep your men on recruitment until Kana says that you have a lot of soldiers. At that point, order your greycloaks to patrol the road and land, and at the same time lower your recruitment standards considerably. Make the tithes higher as well. These special missions and cutscenes will happen if they don’t, I have no idea what happened.

Special Missions:
1. The result of the mission about the Ogre fella you sent your men on last time. If your men succeeded, you'll get 3000gp and a magic club.
2. Tax collectors are to be sent out. If you aren't tithing anyone, there's no need to send out men for this.
3. Bugbears have moved in. Feel free to order your men to take care of it.
4. The Mere of Dead Men has undeads crawling close to our borders. Again, let your soldiers handle it.

1. Ziffer the bailor wants to start a new village. With high appraise or diplomacy skill, you'll be able to tithe the village rather well. In any case you should sign the charter since it means more men in your area - and that means more money for you.
2. Dobbson's been accepting bribery.
3. Travelling merchants - a choice between either of the three.
4. A band of mercenaries are looking for a job and wants to join your greycloaks. Allow them to do so, they're good soldiers, and your troops will assimilate them soon enough.

At some point after this, Kana will tell you that Lord Nasher has requested to see you. This marks the end of the keep stuff in chapter 2. However, we have
something to do before we go chat with Nasher - to locate, and enter, Amon Jerro's Haven, so that's where we'll be going next.

To sum up, this is how my Keep Report looked at this point in the game:

Time Passed: 62%
Keep Funds: 58,990gp
Income: 9,034gp
Recruits: 47
Merchants: 56
Peasants: 34
Peasant Civility: High
Morale: Very High

Number: 332
Volunteers: 171
Recruits: 58
Greycloak Civility: High
Training: Best of the Best
Unit Strenght: Average
Weapons: Best
Armor: Good
Last Special Mission: Mere of Dead Men

Fortifications: Reinforced Towers
Land Security: High
Road Security: High
Road Condition: Renovated with watch towers

Amon Jerro's Haven awaits us, so let us head out. Pick your favourite group for this, since this will be a fight-heavy section. Also, before you head out, you should know that a large part of the coming sections will be fought SOLO. You'll need the best gear you can get - and something to open locks if you're not able to do so yourself. The Chime of Opening is one option for this.

Amon Jerro's Haven - Exterior 2.18

Once you're all set, head out to Amon Jerro's Haven since it's now on your map thanks to Aldanon. After seeing the cutscene and hearing Shandra's surprised remarks, have a look around. There are quite a few shadow mastiffs and gargoyles here, so let's start out by removing those. Clear the area around the three braziers, and then head out for the Jerro Guardian.

Once you approach, you'll be informed that Guyven will be interested in hearing about this place - I assume that's only if you've talked to him at Crossroad
Keep. Talk to the Guardian to find out that you'll have to do three trials to be allowed to enter the place. Obviously, nothing is ever easy, eh? Remember to ask the Guardian about all three trials before you leave him again, otherwise you won't have the quests. Well, let's go do those trials then.

Head back down to the braziers - plenty of fire elementals there now, so whack all of 'em. Loot 'em for fiery hearts, then go touch the braziers one at a time. Do note that once you activate a brazier, a few shadow creatures will spawn, but it's nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. Once you're ready to activate the third brazier, you'll be lacking a fiery heart, so look a bit around, pretty close to the brazier you should be able to see a few fire elementals - they're around that yellow spot on your map. Go kill, loot and activate the last brazier to complete the path of sight.

Right at the last brazier, there's also a road going up a hill. Remember how the Guardian told about a barbarian on a hill? Well, that's the hill, so let's head up and kill that barbarian. There's a few different ways to do it, but the optimal way, pure metagame wise is to initially refuse to kill him, then change your mind and attack him. That gives you both + influence with Shandra and the loot the barbarian is packing. Another way of doing it is to refuse killing him all the way through, which will end up with you fighting a bunch of spirits instead. Either way, path of righteousness completed.

Head down the hill again, and go north to the geyser. When you get close, Shandra will have a short dialogue. At that point, order your party to stand
their ground, and head out to fill the vial alone. Go straight for the big geyser, taking whatever damage you get. At the geyser you can use either dexterity or tumble to grab the water. If you fail any of the checks you'll just take a bunch of damage, so it's no big deal really. Congratulations on completing the path of determination.

Head back to the Guardian. BEFORE you talk to it, remove ALL of Shandra's equipment and dump it on one of your other characters. The bag of holding from the keep should do the trick nicely. Then tell the guardian you've completed all the paths and a cutscene will show Shandra being teleported to, well, who knows.

Also, before you enter, this is the last chance in a while to craft items and set up your main character for some solo business if you haven't already.
When you're fully ready, make a completely fresh full save, then enter.

Amon Jerro's Haven - Interior 2.19

Upon entering, you'll be greeted by Mephasm who'll tell you all about what's going on in this place. Or, well, as much as he's allowed to tell in any case. So, we got our mission, to convince three demons/devils to assist Mephasm in opening a portal to the laboratory.

Let's make a little list of hellspawn here:

Baalbisan - fairly easy to make him help you. However, helping Baalbisan makes
it impossible to get Hezebel to help you.

Hezebel - requires good taunt skill, otherwise impossible.

Zaxis - utterly impossible.

Koraboros - Fairly easy to make this one help you.

Blooden - Also fairly easy.

NOTE: If you have Neeshka with you, she'll be extremely active here. This is, after all, kind of her home-turf.

Anyhow, there's more to it than that, obviously, so let's walk through the door in Mephasm's room to get started. Be greeted by Baalbisan as you enter. Neeshka will have a lot of hilarious dialogue here, and if you're a female character, you'll have to talk to it twice to get his quest - The Torment of Baalbisan. It's very, very simple. Go kill Hezebel's erinyes, then return, and you're done. Proceed north. A few of those erinyes wants you to come with them to their master, Hezebel. However, I chose to simply kill them right away. I'm not a big fan of discussing things with sneaky succubi. Once you've killed the three erinyes, take the western door and loot it dry. Go into Hezebel's room, get her quest for Baalbisan's mother's true name, then talk to her again and say you decided to help Baalbisan instead to have her summon out two more erinyes. Once they're dead, return to Baalbisan to relay the good news. If you want to do it the Hezebel way, go straight back to Baalbisan and taunt him into saying it, then return to Hezebel and tell her. With a massive bluff check, you might also be able to lie to Hezebel, but I'm not too sure about that.

Either way, proceeds out of Hezebel's room. After a brief cutscene, you'll get to Zaxis. There's no way you'll get him to help you since he kinda holds a grudge on you after you defeated him at Tavorick's Estate, so simply kill his minions and move on. Head straight left through the trapped door, kill the hostiles and loot the place dry. Open the other door as well and loot the place in there. Ignore the non-hostile imp for now; we'll get back to that one soon. Proceed forward, whacking the doggies. Talk to the dear pit fiend, Koraboras, and find out that the imp we just saw is his and that he wants it to return to him. Return to the imp, and try to talk to it. Seems it wants something from the bookcase, so if you didn't loot it before, loot it now. Use the ancient book you found on yourself, reading the Tilu Ut Lon sentence. That frees the imp, so return to Koraboras to get him to assist you. Apparently this book is very valuable, so hold on to it, and proceed forward.

Meet Blooden, your average run-of-the-mill succubus. She summons a few more succubi to attack you, and then she asks you to have Koraboras attack her with his hellhounds again - at least that made the time spent here in imprisonment interesting. So, return to Koraboras, ask him to consider the threat of Blooden combining forces with Zaxis, and he'll give you two nassian war hounds. Return to Blooden and choose a side to fight on. No matter what, once the fight's over, the quest will be completed.

Once Blooden's opened the portal, make sure you've done what has to be done, and that your character is fully ready for the solo part of the game. When ready, step through the portal.

After a brief cutscene, the warlock will attack. You have all in all 6 targets to attack. 4 weird thingies, the warlock himself, and a lesser horned devil. For maximum profit, make sure you kill the devil before you take down the warlock. Defeat him, and watch the cutscenes unfold. Once they're done, feel free to chat away with Amon, but make sure you don't lose influence with him. Basically that means you'll have to take a few evil points here and there. Don't worry too much though; it shouldn't be enough to push you away from lawful good if you are a paladin. You can gain or lose 2 influence with him during this conversation. One in the chat about Zhjaeve. If you say you respect her, you lose 1 influence, if you say she has her uses, you gain 1 influence. The other point is where you talk about sacrificing the few to save the many. Agreeing with him gains 1influence, and disagreeing with him loses 1 influence.

Once you've done all the talking you want, head for the door and talk to Sir
Nevalle to start chapter 3.

Chapter III

Defending Neverwinter 3.1

Congratulations, you're now a knight of Neverwinter. And you have work to do, so get started on killing all those pesky undead. That Cleansing Nova ability you got works like a charm here by the way.
NOTE: Your weapon and your cloak have been switched out for a Knight's Cloak and a Neverwinter Ceremonial Blade, so make sure you double-check your gear before starting the carnage.

Once the attack stops, follow Sir Nevalle to the guard room. This is by the way your chance to sort out your equipment, spells and so forth. Feel free to rest before you go to Nevalle.

At Nevalle, you'll be informed of a passage through to Lord Nasher that leads through Neverneath, the dungeon below Castle Never. The entrance has always been closed, but of course legend has it that it'll open when Neverwinter is in danger. In other words, you'll be running off to investigate an old rumour.

From the guard room, go a bit north, and then take the first path to the east. On the north side of that you'll find a door - that's the route you gotta take. Keep following the road, killing off hostiles as you find them. When you reach the room with 3 shadow priests, locate the clickable tapestry and go through.

Neverneath 3.2

You'll be in a long tunnel, so start moving. You'll soon encounter a statue that's warning you of lots of dangers for people not of Neverwinter and so forth. Move forward. You'll be fighting groups of fire or ice mephits all the way through here. Great cleave works wonders.

The second statue, however, has a question for you. There's no REAL consequence of answering falsely, but you'll end up being forced to fight some tough buggers that give little to no XP where you COULD have gotten 200xp for each correct answer. Thus, the right answers are given here:

First statue: no question
Second statue: Nine fingers.
Third Statue: Black Lake
Fourth Statue: Tomb of Betrayers.
Fifth Statue: Neverwinter River.
Sixth Statue: Say Nothing.
Seventh Statue: Three.

At the eight statue, the game changes. Here you must declare your loyalty to Neverwinter. If you refuse, a group of magic swords will attack you, if you lie you get chaotic points, obviously, and if you simply declare loyalty, the door will open.

Finally, you'll need to go around the statues and approach the grave from the north. Loot the grave to get the Rod of Never and a magic thingy. Notice the locked chests down here by the way? This is why we brought that chime of opening if we aren't rogues. Start looting. When you leave the room, you'll once more get a "Guyven will be interested" dialogue if you have Guyven at Crossroad Keep. Proceed forward; however, we have a Nasher to save.

Once you've taken out the shadow reaver, Nasher will knight you and give you your next assignment. Or, assignments. You'll first need to gather allies, then kill all the shadow reavers and then find the stronghold of the King of Shadows as well as the means by which to kill him. In other words, the fate of the world is now officially in your hands. Did you really think it would end in any other way?

Stronghold partIII 3.3

After the cutscene, you'll arrive at Crossroad Keep, with all your companions spread out in front of you. Walk a closer and watch the cutscene unfold. So there you have it. We'll need to open up dialogue with Clan Ironfist, the Lizardmen and the Wendersnaven as well as ask Aldanon for advice. I can't help but think that we're seriously screwed.

With the cutscene done, head over to the ruined tower and talk to Bevil. Seems he finally came to his senses and wants a piece of the action. He'll join the
army as a sergeant. Talk to him until you don't get any new dialogue options, and make sure you are really nice to him since he becomes better if you are.

Proceed up to Veedle. You'll now be able to rebuild the church and the tower. However, there's two options for each: For the church, you can either go with Ivarr the Blessed or Master Rolan of the Sun Soul. Basically, if you're not a monk character, I'd suggest going with Ivarr's church since that's the ONLY way to get the Holy Avenger (either for you or for Casavir). The tower is either headquarters for the Neverwinter Nine or a Mage tower. Once Veedle has been put to work, proceed to the Keep itself. Sand will pull you into the library (which has been built even if you didn't order it back in chapter 2), and soon enough Aldanon will arrive talking about portals, the tome of Ilkazar and blade golems.

Go see Kana, you have some stuff to catch up on after all. The crazy troupe of adventurers is back. Tell them about how the King of Shadows was once the
Guardian of the Illefarn Empire and that... well, that's as much as you get to say.

Now before we talk to Kana, let's go tell Guyven about the two new places we found. When you've done that, he'll tell you of a buried secret right here in the Keep. I know, you're itching to go there right away, but first we have a lot to discuss with Kana. We'll need to give Bevil a job, so order him to patrol the roads to encourage more merchants to use it - he has a way with people, Kana agrees. Do note, once you've assigned him, he cannot be reassigned, and patrolling the roads is what Bevil does best.

Talk to Kana again right away, and she'll tell you about a war levy Lord Nasher has imposed. Paying it all yourself will obviously be the good choice, while
ordering it as high as possible will be the evil choice. The two in between has no alignment changes.

If you want the Mage Tower, you'll have to chat with Torio now, otherwise go back outside and, if you want the Nine Headquarters, order Veedle to build it
Right away - after you've discussed it with Sir Nevalle, of course. Once you have built whichever you chose, feel free to pass time and visit the place. It will pay off, there's some good equipment to be had, at least if you make it a Nine Headquarter - Red Dragon Armor is one of the more interesting items you can buy for a relatively cheap price.

Going down to the courtyard, you'll meet Daeghun. He's got some information about the Circle of the Mere - the druid circle Elanee belongs to. After the cutscene, feel free to go check out the church/monastery.

Talk to Nevalle again and ask if there's something he can teach you. He'll spar with you, which gives you a small bonus to your base attack.

Go back inside and talk to Kana once more. You'll get another note from that foolish band of adventurers along with a ring of positive thinking. It's a bit special, but useful nonetheless.

Now this would be a rather perfect time to sort out the gear of all your companions - and yourself, of course. You probably have stuff to sell, and if you've dabbled a bit in crafting with some of your companions, their skills will be around the point where we can start making the really nifty stuff. To do that, however, we need gems of the kind we haven't found too many of yet. There's help ahead though, head out to the merchant quarter in Neverwinter.

Merchant Quarter 3.4

Upon arriving here, you'll see that the evacuation is well underway. But, you will also notice a powerful-looking female character standing fairly close to you - she's called Light of Heavens, and if you talk to her, she'll challenge you to a duel. Make sure you win it. When you do that, she'll walk away. Don't worry; you haven't seen the last of her.

Head up north to Randolph the merchant. He's got few interesting items, but he has quite a few of the really interesting gems. Buy whichever you need for your crafting session. Right next to Randolph, you'll see Joy the dancer. Talk to her and hire her for your keep's inn. If you need/want to craft, return to the basement of Crossroad Keep, otherwise feel free to continue forward.

NOTE: I'll add a few Crossroad Keep things in the end of each chapter.

Alliance: Wendersnaven 3.5

NOTE: You HAVE to have Grobnar in your party for this one, obviously, since it is his idea and all that. So, with Grobnar along, head out for Port Llast.

Close to the entrance of Port Llast, you'll find Light of the Heavens again. Like last time, talk to her and engage in a 1on1 duel. And win it, of course.
Anyhow, remember those two nutters talking about Wendersnaven? Yup, that's the two we need to go have a chat with. Listen to them for a bit until Grobnar tells you to ask them a question. Ask them whether the Wendersnaven are east of here. Then if it's northeast. Then ask if you can have the map, and finally if you can SEE the map. Grobnar will decode it and point you towards a new place. Well, go there (It's the "strange clearing" on your world map).

Once there, watch the cutscenes unfold - and notice that this is another one of those places Guyven would want to hear about. After the cutscene a group of orcs will attack. Kill 'em, loot 'em and be sure to remember to click the ore deposit that's here as well. We do need more ore for our soldiers after all.
When it's all over, check out Grobnar's inventory. Wonder if he's right or wrong now, eh?

Head back to Crossroad Keep to see Light of Heavens standing around between the world transition and the quarry. Go fight her one last time. to earn her as a sergeant. Then go tell Calindra of the new ore deposit you found. Then head all the way south, up against the wall. There you'll find a dirt mound with a nifty crossbow - if you talked to Guyven that is. Go inside the keep and tell Guyven of the new place you found, then talk to Kana and put Light of Heavens on some duty. Kana will mention some Luskan Business, which means you've reached a storyline stop. We don't have time for that yet, however, so move out to the exit, grab the party you want, and head for Highcliff.

Alliance: Lizardmen 3.6

Upon arrival you'll see the lizardmen attacking Gera and her husband, so save their poor family a third time to become hero of the day - and be told that the lizardmen have besieged Highcliff. Best get moving, we have a town to save! First, however, grab the ore in this area. In Highcliff, head straight for Elder Mayne and ask him everything. So the lizardmen have simply taken this town hostage. Wonder why, eh, so let's go have a little chat with the lizardman prisoner they've got. Patch up his wounds if you want to get any information out of him. Seems Batha is the new boss, and he's been "dancing with the shadow". Gods, everything is tied to the King of Shadows these days..

Head on out to the south end of town - either Slaan (if you let him live back in chapter 1) or a random lizardman will take you to Batha. After some chatting
back and forth, it'll end up in a fight. Once Batha goes down to near dead, he'll change into an earth elemental, and a group of lizardmen will assist him. Whack whatever you want - when he goes down again, he yields. Have a chat with him, have him read your mind, and he will see the real enemy. From there the rest is easy - they will march with the people of highcliff to Crossroad Keep and fight alongside the rest of us against the King of Shadows. On the way back into Highcliff, make sure you take a stop by the coastline. Many chests with much loot to grab ;)

Take a fast stop at Crossroad Keep to adjust your party for the next area: Bishop must NOT be in it and Elanee has to be along - once you're sorted, head out to the Circle of the Mere.

Alliance: Circle of the Mere 3.7

Bishop will join you when you arrive. Watch the cutscene to see just how insane the Circle has become. In the end, an influence check with Elanee seems to decide whether she helps you kill the druids or if she joins them in the fight against you. Kill the druids, loot the remains and return to Crossroad Keep to sell all the stuff we've found in the past three areas.

You need Khelgar along for the next quest (shouldn't be a surprise), so adjust your party and head out.

Alliance: Clan Ironfist 3.8

On arrival, chat with Khayar to find out that Keros, the chieftain of the Clan has come to the stronghold - and Khelgar doesn't have a very good past with that bloke. That might complicate things. Head into Revorax's smithy before proceeding though, you just might find some nifty items there, if you can afford it, that is.

When done, continue through the place, going for the throne room. Unfortunately Keros is not really in a cooperative mood, especially not towards Khelgar, or Neverwinter for that matter. After the cutscene, Khulmar will talk to you about the hammer of Ironfist. Seems we'll need the belt of Ironfist to wield it tho, and that belt is now in the posession of a group of fire elementals.

Right then, make sure you have fire resistance gear on all your people, then head out for Mount Galardrym.

After the cutscene, head west on the path. When it splits up, continue west. You'll soon come upon a camp of fire giants, kill 'em all, loot the chests and be sure to grab the ore deposit there as well.

Backtrack to the point where it split, and take the northeast route this time. Keep following the path until you see another fire giant camp to the east. Go in there and slaughter the lot - and, of course, grab the loot. Get back on the path and head west. You'll soon come to a quite larger camp. Chat with the prisoners first to get a side-quest to kill the giants, and then go kill 'em. Be sure to grab the ore deposit at the far western end of the main camp. Loot all the chests, go back to the prisoners and have a word with 'em. Seems they're Luskanites sent out to assess whether the King of Shadows is a threat to Luskan as well, or if he's only a problem for Neverwinter. These folks have realized that he's a serious threat to everyone tho, and want to return to tell the Hosttower exactly that. I released them - we need allies, even Luskan would help.

Now, there are two parties up here on top of the mountain - the fire giants and a dragon. Both want the other dead, so you could theoretically join up with one to kill the others - but where's the fun in that? I say kill both parties and leave the mountain for Clan Ironfist. To do it the maximum-gain way, go for the
Fire giants first. Take the southwestern path out of the main camp here, and follow it to the end, killing off hostiles as they come. Go to the next area, the seat of the mountain. Feel free to explore the area, it isn't very large.

Talk to the fire giant king, support Khelgar all the way, but agree to killing the dragon, initially. Get ready for a big fight, buff up and so forth, then talk to the king again, saying you've changed your mind. Once the slaughter has ceased, start lootin'. Be sure to check the treasury in the corner, and to chat with Caelryna the drow prisoner. He's a merchant who needs a place to set up shop. Well, you already have a kobold, why not a drow as well, so invite him to Crossroad Keep - tell him to talk to Uncus to get set up, and then leave this place again.

Leaving the seat, you'll get a cutscene with Khelgar - be supportive to gain +INF with him, then head out to the other northern exit. Up here you'll get another "Guyven will want to hear of this" message as well as see some loose boulders you can push down. I'm assuming they can be used to make the fight against the giants down there easier, but I found it quite easy without that sort of help. (Fire immunity as red dragon disciple kinda helps tho).

Anyhoo, rest, buff up, get ready to kill a dragon, basically. When ready, enter. Talk to her, provoke her, and kill her. Approach her hoard and be sure to say you'll send the greycloaks to fetch all the gold. Then grab all the chests for yourself. Also make sure you get the ore deposit in the back of the lair. Right, nothing left to do here - return to the Ironfists.

Head straight for Keros and watch the cutscene. Congratulations - not only did you get the Ironfists to join you, but you even made Khelgar king! Go back to Crossroad Keep; we got more work to do.

Loose ends and Luskan plots 3.9

First things first, let's inform our miners that there's ore to be mined in those recently secured mountains. Once that's done, head into the courtyard and talk to Edario - have him upgrade the men's armor to chainmail.

Enter the inn, and talk to Sal repeatedly until he says "so how can I help you today?" At that point, you'll have gotten a ring of the ram from him as thanks for your amazing work for the keep.

You might also want to go to the merchant shop and check out the new trader's equipment - might be something interesting, but in any case it's another place to sell your loot.

Go into the keep and speak with Kana - she'll inform you that the dragon's hoard has been fetched. This can give very different results - for me it gave
200,000gp. Organize your men how you see fit - patrolling is never a bad thing. You should be at 72% time passed.

Now, we did have a Luskan Situation - Kana mentioned it quite a while ago, and on the way in I bet you also noticed that little Luskan rat standing outside, yeah? It's finally time to go chat with him, so go outside and talk to Khralvar. Agree to meet Sydney Natale on their terms, but be prepared for the worst.
You'll get auto-ported to some foresty place. Before you talk with Khralvar here, turn to the north and grab the ore deposit. Then chat with him. Sydney Natale will arrive shortly, along with a mercenary. After a little chat, she will summon that animus elemental she made back in chapter 1. This time you get to destroy it though, much to the surprise of Sydney. She'll order her merc to attack, so be fast and offer twice the pay of her and he'll switch sides. Fight ensues - defeat her, keep your new companion alive, and you'll be able to offer him a job as sergeant at Crossroad Keep once Sydney is dead. Make sure you loot her for a ring of power.

Right then, now we have the True Names of the shadow reavers. That should prove useful. And, we've removed Sydney Natale - there's no more Luskans we know of - Torio is ours, Lorne is dead, Sydney is dead and Black Garius is, well, not very Luskan anymore.

Stronghold part IV 3.10

When you return to Crossroad Keep, a cutscene with Zhjaeve, you and Ammon will ensue - here you can decide which of these characters will have the scroll of True Names. Personally, I chose Zhjaeve since I kinda like having a healer along, and Qara has the offensive caster spot in my group.

Go out to Calindra and turn in the latest ore-find, then go back into the courtyard and talk with your newest recruit, Jalboun - he's right next to the inn. Head on inside the keep and talk to Kana. She'll have a cutscene informing you where one of the shadow reavers are. Talk to her again straight away, and she'll tell you that Captain Brelaina has asked for a few men to help her keep Neverwinter secure for looters and rioters. Up to you what you choose here, I personally sent a tenth of my men to help her. Also, set Jalboun to special assignments and your greycloaks to recruiting. We need to build that army of ours after all.

Pass time (exit the keep then enter again), then talk to Kana again. After this batch of recruiting, she claims there are no more people to get. At this point I had 530 greycloaks, so I guess I hit the limit sorta. Set them to patrol the roads and lands to ensure that we won't lose our "very high" security status.

Go talk to Guyven by the way, and tell him of Mount Galardrym. He will, on the other hand, tell you about a sneaky tactic to avoid an ambush from the shadow reaver.

Pass time and talk to Kana once more. She'll ask if you want to conscript soldiers from the farmers. Katriona is against it, they're ineffective and mortality rate extremely high. It's up to you; I chose not to conscript any. I much prefer a smaller well-trained army than a large chaotic army.

Pass time a few times until Kana mentions that the Shadow Reaver is causing havoc. That would be another checkpoint, telling you to go kill that reaver fella. At this point, my keep statistics looked like this:

Time Passed: 82%
Merchants: 104
Peasants: 130
Peasant Civility: High
Morale: Very High

Number: 649
Volunteers: 320
Recruits: 210
Greycloak Civility: High
Training: Best of the Best
Unit Strenght: Very High
Armor: Best
Weapons: Best

Road Security: Very High
Land Security: Very High

So, it's time to go kill us a shadow reaver.

The Shadow Reaver 3.11

Straight forward, this one. You need Zhjaeve along for this, since she has the scroll of True Names. Right when you arrive, the reaver will initiate a small
dialogue - he wants to brag, of course. Zhjaeve will start reciting the True Name, and during that time you HAVE to guard her. Take out the reaver's helpers first, and once Zhjaeve is done, attack the reaver itself.

When it's dead, be sure to loot it for a shard that gives immunity to death magic. Return to the keep and enter the courtyard to see a cutscene. Seems we're not done dragon hunting, eh?

In any case, we have a few loose ends we need to take care of before we continue with the story. We have a construct to build, first of all, and there is a little surprise in the basement of the keep that we've yet to touch upon.

So, get Grobnar in your party, and set out for Ember. Head down through the well and into the goblin lair. Depending on how you dealt with them, you may
need to fight your way through - either way, get to the glowstone cave. Head over to the pool on the opposite side of where you found the stone, and Grobnar will react. Feel free to return to the keep (but it has to be the same way you came, through Ember just to make sure the game doesn't go boom).

When you arrive at Crossroad Keep, exchange Grobnar for Ammon in your party, and then head to the basement. Talk to Grobnar to get the construct activated.
That nets you a new optional party member as well as 1000xp. The construct dialogue suggests that crafting skills can improve it, but other sources have
claimed that these options are broken - any confirmation on this would be welcome.

One thing you could do is to make sure all your companions are reasonably well equipped. Yes, even the ones you never use. You don't have much else to spend your cash on, and you will need to do this soon enough, so might as well get it over with now.

If you have plenty of cash and have built everything there is to build, I'd suggest removing all taxes. I've no idea if it matters, but more peasants means more greycloaks - and more greycloaks means a larger army against the King of Shadows. At least that's my logic.

Keep passing time with Kana until she tells you that the silver sword needs to be reforged, then it's time to head out on your next storyline mission.

Reforging the Silver Sword 3.12

Grab your usual fighting party and head out for Nolaloth's Valley. Just as you arrive, turn left to find an ore deposit. We don't really NEED more, but they give XP just the same. Move along the path, killing the elder earth elemental when it arrives. When you reach the crystal heart, go close to it to have a few water elementals spawn - kill them to notice a few dragons sitting around. Be sure to grab the ore in the north end as well, then head up to the cliff edge.

Talk as much as you can with Nolaloth, but be sure to avoid any mention of Amon Jerro and make sure you're not mistaken for friends of Illefarn as well. This dragon really doesn't like either of them.

Finally, he'll tell you how to reforge the blade, and his price for this information. You must destroy his heart. As we noticed, there are a few dragons around it though, and they won't particularly like it when you attack the heart. Make sure you're fully buffed, preferably with some acid immunity and such before you start.

Once you've killed those two, loot their remains and bash the heart. Then, if you have Zhjaeve in your party, head straight for the Ruins of Arvahn. If not, you'll need to stop by Crossroad Keep and pick her up.

On the way to the ruins, you may have a random encounter with some pixies who want your money and your gear. Simply say no and they'll go away.

Once there, go straight for the Song Portal. When ready, exit the ruins. Be advised, you can't rest in West Harbor, so be really ready. Have some restoration spells or potions ready. You'll soon meet a few of your friends who'll "guide" you to the bridge, or, what's left of it. They'll then turn to shadows and attack you. If you have the right skills (survival I guess), you can make a bridge out of the four logs here, otherwise you'll need to cross the water. However you got across, you'll stumble into Danan Starling soon. Talk to him for a bit, and when the shadows attack kill them. Move forward till you see Retta Starling and Danan talking. Interrupt, and force Retta to admit that she is a shadow. Kill her, then talk to Danan again. Zhjaeve will tell him that he is a ghost, and that it's only his own will that binds him to this place. He'll dissapear, and you'll get a bit of xp as well as a root that protects you from the poison in this place.
Go straight for the scarred bit of earth and complete the blade. A shadow reaver will attack you once it's completed, so let's test if it's a good weapon, shall we? Once the reaver is killed, loot him, and then head back into the ruins and through the portal. Before you leave the Ruins of Arvahn, however, try checking out the sword and compare it to the weapon you used. Make sure you got the weapon you prefer equipped, but don't throw the other one away just yet.

Go back to Crossroad Keep - the second you reach the courtyard, Sir Nevalle will inform you that Callum is under attack from a shadow reaver, so let's go help him. Ammon will insist that it's his turn to recite the True Name, so you will be forced to bring him this time. Watch the cutscene, defeat the reaver and grab the Tome of Iltkazar from his cold dead fingers. Excellent, 3 reavers down and now we got the Tome Aldanon so badly wanted. Return to the keep and give the Tome to Aldanon. He'll need some time to work out what we need, so go chat with Kana.

If you've followed this walkthrough all the way, there's nothing really left to do at the Keep - but do note that this is more or less the last time you get the chance to build stuff, train troops and so forth, so if you're missing anything, get it done and get it done NOW. Also, like I said earlier, you'll really want to have geared up all your companions, this is also one of the last chances for doing that as well as crafting your own gear. Basically, if you have ANY loose ends at all, now is the time to finish them.

Go tell Calindra of the last ore deposits, then talk to Kana to have time pass to 100%. Congratulations, your keep is fully ready for war. Again, make absolutely sure you've finished up all the loose ends, gotten the gear you need, sold what you don't need, equipped all your mean, crafted what you wanted to and so forth.

Once ready, speak to Sir Nevalle - war is upon us.

WAR! 3.13

After the cutscene, speak to Sir Nevalle again. He suggests you take a round of the Keep to prepare people for a siege, so let's do that. Unfortunately, it's
all just talk - there's no special dialogues for anyone. Instead, head straight for the keep where Aldanon will meet you and tell you that Amon Jerro has disappeared. Say you'll go find him to be auto-ported to where he is. Feel free to select the party you wish.

You'll soon recognize the place - it's Shandra's old farm. What in the nine hells is he doing here? Let's go ask him. Might wanna buff up with some fire
Immunity and such first though. Once the fight starts, focus exclusively on Koraboras since he'll just summon in new monsters when you kill any. When dead, see the real reason why Ammon went here. He's got a new weapon.

Return to the keep and prepare yourself for a long battle sequence. Talk to Sir Nevalle to get it all started. If all has gone according to plan, you'll get 4000xp all in all - as reward for fortifying the keep and making the alliances you could make. hehehe this is my favourite part of the game, it reminds me of LOTR.

Watch the cutscene, and then head for the War Room. In there, you'll be informed that we need to remove the bridges. You get to choose two, and only two, people to tag along with you and a group of greycloaks. It'll be undead slaying, so Zhjaeve might be a good option - I personally preferred Qara and Khelgar though.

Head out, get the intel from Daeghun, and move forward, killing undead as you come across them. You'll soon get another group of Greycloaks with you, but keep going. Those bridges won't destroy themselves.

Hack your way through (Qara's meteor swarm works wonders here) until you reach Black Garius at the final bridge. Kill the thingies he sends to attack you, and watch how the bridges are burned to the ground. Handle the cutscenes as you see fit, and go to rest in your room.

You'll be woken up by a greycloak. Seems the army of undead has arrived, so I hope you're ready for 'em. Time for the second combat session - destroying
siege towers. Bring a pyromaniac or two for this since fire works wonders here.

You'll be sent to the walls where you'll have to smash six siege towers before you've won this section. Use all the fire magic you have at your disposal, the
melee troops will have plenty to do just making sure you the casters stay alive.

Next up is a big battle for the courtyard. Once again Qara will be a fine choice, but also bring Zhjaeve or Sand for additional magic - if your character is a melee fighter that is, otherwise grab Khelgar along. Once you've stopped them all, Black Garius will arrive and summon the Nightwalker - the avatar of the King of Shadows. Time to use that Silver Sword of Gith and destroy it.

Once it's dead, have either Ammon or Zhjaeve recite Garius' True Name to win the day. And now, finally, you'll get a little break. Level up, my characters hit 20 at the Nightwalker itself, and then enter the room.

Endgame 3.14

Aldanon has finally figured out a way to send you deep into the Claimed Lands so go ahead and skip off. All your companions will follow you, but after the
cutscene, you'll notice that Neeshka has been kidnapped and that Zhjaeve and Ammon are required members of your party.

Select the two other members and head out. Soon enough, a large bunch of bone spiders will spawn on you, but they really shouldn't pose any serious threat to you by now. Once they're all dead, proceed through the door. Do note, you won't really get a chance to sell stuff anymore, so it might be rather pointless to grab the loot from the corpses, but I simply couldn't let the shinies just lie there. There are some magical armors and weapons, but I'd guess they're mostly there to give you a chance to gear up your friends if they aren't already.

Also note, down here you CAN rest, but chances are your rest will be interrupted by evil thingies, and since you're level 20 and don't get xp for it anymore, well, no point really. Of course, you can always use the quicksave and quickload options to make sure you get your 5 seconds of rest uninterrupted.

Plenty of traps and locked doors, and no Neeshka to fix it. Time to work out that bash button. Head on in to the next room, clear the undead, wander east
and run into the strange black fog to get ported all the way west where you'll see a door. Bash it, and kill the blade golems that arrive. Bash the next door
to move on. Another black fog thingie - shadow magic's version of a portal I guess, so move on through it.

Move a bit forward to be attacked by a rather large amount of shadows. Kill them all, but notice the Nightwalker downstairs. Well, equip the Gith sword and give him what he apparently wants - a fast death. Moving forward, a group of vampires under the guidance of a shadow priest and a lich will attack you. You'll need to take the long circle around to the southwest upstairs corner of this room to reach the next black fog thingy, so clear it out and continue. Thankfully, liches aren't quite as powerful as they were back in Baldur's Gate 2.

Moving forward, into the black fog. Whack the mummy lords, then prepare for a really tough fight - 3 shadow reavers at once. Best tactic seems to be keeping your people behind, then go forward, activate the cutscene and run back. That way you'll at least only have to deal with two reavers in the first go.

Now there's only one door left. Rest up if you can, then enter. You'll soon realize that all of your companions are here. Level them up, memorize spells,
And rest - then proceed.

Once you're ready, head on in. A long cutscene will ensue, in which your companions will choose sides. In my case, Qara, Bishop and the Construct stood against me, while Neeshka, Sand and Ammon Jerro chose my side. The others didn't get a dialogue here. The Construct is based on INF with Grobnar, btw.

You can, by chosing the right dialogue, get Bishop to simply leave the fight, leaving the construct on your side as well. Chose the dialogues: "that's not what happened" and then "I don't know what...” depending on whether you've started a romance with Casavir I presume.

The fight begins - seeing that the combat changes based on how you've played, I can't really suggest anything. You'll want to take out any arcane casters that have switched sides first tho - they're soft, and they're dangerous.

Now, the first two who leave to either side of those statues you see in front of you will be locked "out" from the main group. In my case, I brought myself and Khelgar off to one side and ordered the rest to stay. Khelgar and I then went straight for my former allies and then Black Garius himself, while the rest were forced to strike against a balor and a large group of undead. Hope you memorized some sunbeam/sunburst spells since they'll help a lot.

Now rest up, buff up and generally get ready. Click on the portal to start the final fight of the game - the King of Shadows himself. This fight is rather long and big, and includes 3 phases. First phase is simple: Whack the big evil shadow. Second phase, almost just as simple: whack the many small evil shadows. Third phase: Use the sword of gith and power attack to whack the five statues, and then whack the portal, then whack the really big evil shadow.

Good luck and if you do beat the king of shadows, good for you now you have joined the millions of other players that have.

5. Credits 0005

There are a few people i would like to thank for making this walkthrough possible.
ThunderZtorm2, xInfInIty and everybody that had a hand in creating this great game, thanks to all.

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